Hello everyone. Having a long weekend is the best thing ever! I had a little break and was lucky to enjoy 4 days off. I hope this post will make up for missing Monday.

My husband and I often get a bee in our bonnet to go on a hunt and find some interesting purchases but we always end up wanting to do it on the sunday or public holiday when stores are closed! Yesterday was no exception due to it being a pubic holiday here is South Africa. J and I went on the hunt for antique stores and second-hand shops and ventured right through Durban central and then into Brickfield aswell as Durban North but they were either closed or we could not find those that were recommended to us. On our way home feeling a little blue due to an unsuccessful hunt, we decided to quickly nip past a little gem on 163 Percy Osborne Street to see if it might be open and it was! With a 50% clearance sale! Everyone say whoop whoop!

I had always wanted to peep into that bright pink house and see what they have in store for me and I must say I wish I had done it sooner. We met the owner Okkie who advised us that they are relocating to a small village near Bethlehem and have sold the beautiful old house. That is why all items except fabrics are on a 50% sale. J and I were happy campers.

We spent a while carefully looking through everything as items where half the price and well in range of budget and there were a lot to go through without missing a gem. We ended up having a succesful time and bought an old foot stool which we are going to reupholster and sand down. (Please excuse all photographs, they taken from my phone and NOT the best quality but you get the idea anyway.)

And then found this teak wood table below that we are going to repaint and fix up.

Below J and Okkie carry the little table to the car. I also bought some old knives, forks and soup spoons which are always handy in any home when you have many guests and I just adore the old sliver cutlery.

Do yourself a favour and pop by before they pack up and leave. They are not sure when that will be but will hold the sale until then.


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