Previously Featured Creative’s

Every now and then we need to dig back and refresh ourselves of the creatives we had posted about. I get so excited to share what they do and once the post is up it makes me excited and sad at the same time, because after a few months more and more get posted and I don’t want the anyone to get lost in the archives. So, because here at Creative Stream we aim introduce to viewers the many wonderfully creative people out there, I have decided to do a Previously Featured post for those who might have missed out on the features before.

Jeanette from FRYD + DESIGN can be read about here. Her natural creative talent seen in her home, work and her blog is more than inspirational, it’s unique, soft and very impactful.

Cocoa & Hearts Gallery of Jen Ramos. Brilliant and colourful, read about it here.

Lay Baby Lay website by Joni Lay. Also known from Chocolate Butterbean. Joni is an inspiring graphic designer and we think she is she is super talented. Read about her here.


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