Interview with Lucy Feagins


You know when there is someone out there that you never met in person but they react to you as if you have? Well you about to meet one of those people.  When asking Lucy if she would be interested in sharing about her creative self, I had no idea that she had shifted careers from set dresser in the film industry and interior stylist to a full-time blogger! Being an avid follower of her blog, I was interested in the person behind the creative and super interesting platform and not just the blog itself. I enjoy Lucy’s way of writing, her choice of subjects as well as her natural and beautiful sense of humour. I knew she had met many creative’s and I wanted to share a bit about her as I find her quite inspirational. So you must know that when I read her answers and found out that she is in fact blogging full-time, I was blown away by her humble and kind attitude to it all.

One day, when I’m in Ozzie visiting my best mate I would love to meet Lucy for a coffee and a chinwag about creativity, people, blogging and simply just life. So this interview has spontaneously taken a turn from the person behind film and interior styling to a fantastic blog and the Australian writer behind it. I hope you enjoy reading more about Lucy.

Before the end of 2010, Lucy gathered up some super talented illustrators and released TDF’s very own 2011 calendar! I was so bummed I never managed to get one! I cannot wait for what she might have planned for 2012? hint hint…

Without further ado, here are some questions.

What is it about what you do (blogging / career) that makes you smile? To be honest, lately my blog has become my career!  It makes me smile to know I have built my own little business from nothing, and can now earn a living doing what I love and being my own boss. Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do? I started writing The Design Files blog in early 2008.  At that time I was also working as a set dresser in the film industry and also doing freelance interiors styling for photo shoots, TV commercials and a couple of magazines.  In the 3.5 years that has passed since I started the blog, it’s gradually developed from a side project into a little business – these days it’s my number one focus (and my main source of income) and for the first time I am prioritising TDF instead of squeezing it around a ‘day job’.  I’m really trying to make it the best it can be. You obviously love meeting new people, tell us what it is about people who you love? That is a hard question!  I guess I find that being around creative people in particular really energizes me and gets me motivated about my own creative output… creative energy and genuine enthusiasm really is contagious. What inspires you to do what you do? I am inspired by so many brilliant designers and creative people who give me something to write about every day on the blog!  I am inspired by beauty in all things – a beautiful home, a beautiful untouched natural environment… a beautifully designed product or pattern or fabric or artwork. Outside of creative inspiration, I am motivated by a desire to create my own path, to work for myself, to build a little business that stands on its own and commands respect and doesn’t have anyone to answer to, except my lovely loyal readers. Can you name 1 or 5 of your most creative people you have met so far…or would that be unfair? YES of course!  So many favourites.  Megan MortonLiane RosslerDavid BromleyKat MacleodJoost Bakker. Do you have a hobby? Oh sadly the blog is all-consuming – it’s my hobby but it’s also my job and kind of my obsession.  Outside of The Design Files I would say I like COOKING and EATING!  Where is your ‘happy place’? On my brand new couch!  First grown-up furniture purchase ever.  I LOVE it. Do you have advice for anyone wanting to start blogging? I guess there are so many things that make a good blog, but here are a few lessons I have learnt along the way – Firstly, just get started.  Don’t worry so much about thinking up a concept or what it ‘should’ be or how it ‘should’ sound.   Stop thinking, just start somewhere. Secondly, make a commitment to post regularly – at least once or twice a week, on regular days.  The more readers come to rely on regular posts, the more they will visit and connect with your site. Thirdly – think about creating original content as much as possible.  I do love the Pinterest and Tumblr and all those image bookmarking sites too…. But in the end, I think the blogs that really stand out are the ones with truly original content. What makes TDF what it is? (In your opinion) It’s hyper-local focus.  It’s personal and genuine voice.  It’s readers!  What do you love about the country you live in? I love the relaxed attitude that is part of Australian culture, the easy lifestyle, the encouraging and supportive environment for small business and start-ups.  Is there a place you would fly to in a second? New York City!

Lucy ventures out and sources loads of inspirational information, there is never a dull moment in her collaboration of design info that’s for sure.  From crafts

to textiles

from Architecture ….

to shopping guides!…

Lucy’s choices:

Red or blue? Red

Old or new? It’s not very fashionable to say this but I’m going with NEW!

 Jeans or trousers? Jeans

Ice-cream or chocolate cake? Ice-cream!

Mountains or ocean? Ocean

Hair up or down? Always up.

Skirts or dresses? Neither! Always jeans.

Prints or paintings? I’ll say paintings – nothing beats at original!

Polka dots or stripes? Stripes

In Lucy’s world:

If I was an animal I would be……. Deb I cannot think of a single answer to this question!  My boyfriend suggested Koala!?  But he didn’t tell me why!?

Today is…… busy!

Design*Sponge at Home (nearly out!)….will be a great book to read.

I always wondered why…… girls go for guys with money. What’s with that!?  Make your own fortune ladies!

My home is…… tiny.

My boyfriend Gordon… my babyHe would KILL me if he read that.

Running a little friendly office with a few lovely staff ……is where I want to be one day.

Working from my dining table ……is where I am today.

Creativity is……… universal.

One of Lucy’s fabulous features are Australian Homes. Personally I think Australians are super funky and have fabulous taste, so I just cant wait to get introduced to these homes in and around the land of Oz! I had quite a hard time choosing a photograph of all these beaut homes…so you are going to have to wiz over and visit Lucy at her blog and check the rest for yourself..  (if you have not already ;))

i love the colours of this home….

simple and stunning home above

one of my favourite homes Lucy had shared about above


 another beauty of a home

I have so many more questions that stem from this interview…perhaps another post in the future…who knows!?! I get so encouraged by the fact that there are so many of us in this world and believe sooooo many are talented, I just hope that you all know what your gifts, dreams and desires are so that when you start reaching them or seeing them surface you will realise what an amazing accomplishment or blessing it all is. THAT is what I love about meeting different people and getting to know their creative side…because it’s all in us waiting to burst out or keep being expressed!

Lucy, thank you SO much for sharing about what you do and what you love about what you do! Your journey in the industry that is growing more and more and which is your hobby has motivated and encouraged me to no end. You have always been kind, helpful and yourself and the one thing that I noticed about you is no matter how big or small or who or what is communicating with you, you alway have time for other people.You are a pure gem and an inspirational enthusiast for all things creative!


3 thoughts on “Interview with Lucy Feagins

  1. DEB! You are SO KIND! That is the loveliest interview ever! 🙂 Thankyou so much for your beautiful intro and support!

    I am going to tweet it right now and pop a link on my site. You’re the sweetest. DEFINITELY look me up when you’re in Australia…! xx


    1. Hi Lucy! Thanks for the interview! I will defo look you up when in Oz! Thanks for everything and keep up the brilliant and inspirational work! You’re a Pure Gem


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