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Behind almost every creative form is a story that inspires. Angel shares with us about her journey and her venture into beautiful stationary…read for yourself…

What is Write Robinson about? Tell us how it all began. Write Robinson is a full service company that designs and sells couture stationery using fine papers from around the world. At its core, Write Robinson exists to help people connect with their loved ones using a medium worthy of the connection. The company motto is, “Your words are important; the paper should be too.” This motto has not changed since the first day.

I decided to pursue this dream called Write Robinson in late summer of 2005 when I lost my home to Hurricane Katrina.  The idea had swarmed around in my head for years, but I kept putting off starting until tomorrow. I lived in a hotel room for three months after the storm which afforded me lots of time to think. While there, I made the decision to drastically change my life. I didn’t return to my government job when asked and I threw myself into paper. Eventually, I left the hotel and moved into a tiny apartment which I filled with rolls of paper, supplies, and tools.  I started creating the prototypes of what is now my signature look. That period in my life was so amazing. Every day, I worked on inspiring projects with no regard to outside trends, what would sell, or if anyone liked it other than me. I listened to my inspiration. I believe that discovering your own design voice is critical to developing confidence in what you create.

Tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Angel Robinson and I am the founder of Write Robinson, a couture stationery design studio. I was born and reared in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States. In school, I was known as one of the intellectuals. I took pride in the quest for perfect scores and high marks. At home, I learned how to be creative from my grandmother, Isabella Robinson. She taught me to cook, sew, garden, and crochet. In the beginning like all students, I was not very good.  It was from her lessons that I learned to appreciate the process of creating and the imperfections along the way. Often the best results came from abandoning the original plan when serendipity moves you in a different direction.  Being creative means honing your skills while following your gut instincts.  It was during the lessons in crafting and cooking, I learned that your economics do not limit your life nearly as much as not being able to take what you have and make something beautiful. 

Although I knew in eighth grade I wanted to become an entrepreneur, my first career choice was in government.  Upon receiving a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning and Historic Preservation, I accepted a position working in the New Orleans’ Mayor’s Office in 1999 and remained there until Hurricane Katrina flooded the city in 2005.Currently, I am founder, owner, and creative designer of Write Robinson Couture Stationery. With my career in government, I knew that I would never have true happiness until I followed my true passion which is to create stationery from beautiful paper.

 What makes your paper unique or Is there a quality at Write Robinson that is unique? Write Robinson is unique because I see stationary as a sensual experience. It should not only delight the eye, but the touch as well. I believe that paper that feels good in the hand is just as important as designs that look pretty. Sometimes texture is most important to me.

Because stationery is inherently a product that my clients will give away, I want to make sure that it represents the best of who they are by bringing the best of what I can do to every step of the process from design to delivery.

How does what you do, make you more and more creative? What drives you daily? Being an entrepreneur and designer makes me more creative because I’m constantly surrounded by inspiration. Also, every time a new client comes, I challenge myself to give them something they weren’t expecting. Sometimes that requires me to step outside my comfort zone; but, in the end, the result is always worth the extra effort.What drives me daily is the constant desire to want to be better at what I do. I love paper. I love stationery. I love making my clients happy. There’s nothing better than getting a thank you note from a happy client! I’m driven by the passion I have for creating beautiful stationery and driven by the desire to be a successful entrepreneur.

It must be hard work, keeping a business going and still feeling free to be creative without the pressure of having to make ends meet. How do you break away from it all or relax and re-gain inspiration? The pressure to make ends meet is real and sometimes overwhelming. This pressure can cause some people to make hasty decisions or to compromise their core company mission or design style just to bring in money. I’ve resisted that urge at every angle which is difficult in the lean months. Therefore, when I want to unplug from it all, I love nothing more than to be with my friends. I love a good chat and a good laugh. All I need is a cup of coffee and a laugh with one of my girlfriends and my batteries are recharged. On days and times when no one is available, I am a magazine junkie so a pile of good ones will keep me occupied for hours!

What’s the best thing about what you do? The best thing about what I do is just that I do it. I remember when having my own stationery business was merely a dream I talked about while working away in City Hall. Even on the days when I feel down, I can always take pride in the fact that I took a chance to follow my dreams and my passion and see where this road leads. On my website, I say that “Write Robinson is my dream come true.” Not one day expires without me knowing in my soul that those words are true.

Name one word to explain why you love what you do? Freedom (to live, to love, to create, all on my own terms)

If you could have coffee with-who would it be? Oprah Winfrey

If you could encourage a person to go with their dream, what would you say? I would tell that person that life is not promised. If you don’t die today, tomorrow will happen. So do you want tomorrow to arrive and you’ve done nothing or do you want it to get here and you’ve at least made a baby step towards your dream? I would say to know what your goal is and never waiver from your core beliefs. The world doesn’t need another imitation when the authentic you hasn’t been unleashed. And finally I would say, never ever give up. Do not put your dream on a shelf and keep it safe for the perfect day or perfect moment. There are no perfect moments to start. There is only now. And now is the time to get off the sofa, straighten yourself up and make that dream a reality. One baby step at a time.

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Thank you Angel for allowing Creative Stream to feature you in September’s creative’s panel. It’s been so great to meet you and hear your inspiring story. I am encouraged! You are always enthusiastic and ready for a challenge and I appreciate your kindness, your fun nature and your time! Thank you.

If you would like to view Angel’s website click here and follow her blog here and see her on facebook, click here.

I say this after almost every interview, that it’s so fantastic to meet so many people from around the world. It makes me smile to have been able to share what they do and I can honestly say I’m a blessed blogger!


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