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Chantelle Muller

They say all great things started in a garage…I would like to use that statement for this talented artist. Chantelle started her creativity at school where she was awarded the art prize. She became an Architect and in later years, when arriving back from her travels Chantelle wanted to further her Architectural studies but had difficulties getting enrolled because of the strict system protocols. Because the Architecture route had stopped for the time being she put her focus on art and started painting. She has not looked back as her first painting, Kissing Cows was sold immediately! It is a pleasure to get to know Chantelle and to be honest I am quite blown away by her natural talent…AND it got re-establish in her garage! (smile)

Below: Kissing Cows

What inspires you? Other artists, any hand-made art or hand crafted items from cakes to furniture! (she smiles and thinks…) Not everyone paints to sell their art, some paint because they just passionate about it. That’s why I would like to start an online shop as my dream is to give artists a voice.  How do you keep motivated? If I struggle I stop…if there is a deadline I just carry on. It’s not painful as I enjoy doing it! What motivates me is to realise what I am able to do and then to see the outcome. What kind of subjects do you enjoy painting the most? Faces and human expression. There are so many emotions that come through somebody’s face. My final matric piece were faces. I like working super big! Do you have a favourite artist or style? Yes, Scottish artist Jack Vettriano his work is sensual, French artist Francious Nielly and South Africa artist Phillip Barlow. Do you enjoy other forms? Yes, illustrations, charcoal sketches and memory lane drawings. They say all great things started in a garage…tell us about your studio space? Our garage is bigger than most. I share it with the laundry and washing machine. Luckily my booster reaches there! (we laugh and eat more yummy carrot cake) Advice for an artist? What I wish I had done more of – practised! Even if you think you not good at it, work with your style, your eye. They say if you do something for 10 000 hours, you become an expert…so start now. Also know that not everyone will love your art. What has been your most recent work? The Boats 1,2 &3 as well as the Pelicans and Flower&Aloe oil paintings for a house in Ballito. If you could choose art for your home (apart from your own) what would they be? Phillip Barlow for the lounge and a Jack Vettriano for the bedroom.

Below: Technique experimentation

Below: 2 of Chantelle’s Orchid charcoal sketches.

Below: Boats 1,2 and 3 created especially for a Ballito home. (Oils)

Below: 2 of the 3 Nelson Mandela drawings purchased by Morningside’s 5 star Boutique Hotel, Upton Hall on Innes Road.

Below: Faces. (Oils)

Below: Cupcake

A little bit of Chantelle…

Sundays are too short.
My pillow is my baby.
Richard Branson & Trevyn McGowen is who I would like to have coffee with.
To paint is to breath.
My favourite place to relax is at home or at the beach.
I never leave my house without my keys! (we laugh)
Art is very personal.
Wisdom by Andrew Zuckerman is a brilliant book I recommend.

{Might I add that not only does she have a deep passion for creativity, wisdom and art but she plays the piano to relax and is a fantastic baker! Chantelle made the most delicious carrot cake especially for our interview. She has won my heart.}

If you would like to contact Chantelle please see her details above or to follow Chantelle on Facebook click here, South Africa Artists here and Twitter here. Her website will be up and running shortly which will be added to our Directory page on Creative Stream.

Thank you Chantelle for sharing your work and your passion. We look forward featuring more of your work! You are a breathe of fresh air!


1 thought on “Chantelle Muller”

  1. Oh WOW!!!!!
    What amazing talent, and coming from such a lovely young lady!
    Well done, and may you go from strength to strength.
    Totally in awe,


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