Bold and Beautiful (not the soapie…)

Hello everyone. How has your week been so far? Can you believe it is Friday already?

To add some colour and freshness into your friday, I thought I would first ask if you are a lover of paint or wallpaper?  I find wallpaper beautiful. I have not used it yet but I feel the urge to do something bold. Not everyone likes wallpaper. Many use them for purposes other than on a wall. However you use it and no matter what you feel about it, you can’t deny that it’s bold and even if sometimes busy, it can look classic and elegant.

The history of wallpaper is quite interesting and it’s influence comes from tapestry. Because not everyone in the old days could afford tapestries, wallpaper was eventually designed. It started from paintings that were often pasted on walls instead of being framed or hung and which were hand painted on hundreds of separate sheets of paper. It progressed to hand-printed paper using hand-carved blocks. This hand-blocked wallpaper technique is now known as wood blocked wallpaper. In 1785 the first machine which printed coloured tints, was invented and in 1799 the machine that printed continuous sheets of paper, was patented.

Now you know a little more on whats behind the paper…and personally I like it a bit more now because I understand where the ‘flavour’ comes from.

All photographs from House to Home.


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