Something for the men.

Hello! It’s Monday but don’t be blue, I have some interesting designs for you. Take a peak of the Aviator furniture collection and others by Restoration Hardware.

Ok, I know this might be the daughter of a pilot in me but it oozes masculinity and is quite unique. This is for the men readers! These designs  inspired by fighter planes from the padded distressed whiskey leather seats (even that sounds all man!) to the wrapped aluminium which holds intended dents and nicks.

Here below, is the 1950’s Copenhagen Spitfire chair. Wow, I LOVE it.  Aluminium – clad back with steel screws, swivels 360 degrees and upholstered with supple aged leather.

And if that does not blow your hair back, what about this fabulous Devon Hair-on-hide Chair below? Inspired by Danish design and the mid-century, this cow hair front complimented by a wrapped hide back, stands proud and strong, soft and handsome all in one sentence! It is my favourite…though a tough choice I might add!

Explorer has taken on a whole new meaning and is no longer giving me this picture of a skinny legged man with knee-high socks and a hard hat, waving his glasses around while searching a map. But has in fact given me a calm, safe and handsome approach to adding a little aviation design and explorer decor. Restoration Hardware‘s pieces holds warm and fabulous creativity that oozes masculinity, historic style and unique taste.

I take my hat off to these 4 artisans, Jefferson Mack, Timothy Oulton, Raymond Libeert and Ben Soleimani for creating wow-factor designs and using high quality materials. You just know they wont settle for anything less.  It Seems CEO & Chairman Gary Friedman can genuinely smile knowing that all involved at RH hold great value for their work as well as hold out-the-box creativity and enjoy facing the challenges of the design and the creation. I am convinced the future holds us standing with our mouths wide open as we get introduced to more unique design and craftsmanship from Restoration Hardware.

All photographs and information is from Restoration Hardware and I urge you all to go and see their meticulous work. The detail and workmanship are perfected and breathes out nothing but utter brilliance. Top notch I say.


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