Ishtar Olivera – INTERVIEW

In many ways I’m grateful for our individual gifts and passions, because it’s through these that you make friends and get connected. Ishtar Olivera Belart holds a beautiful gift. She is a brilliant illustrator, crafter, mother and photographer and is genuinely sweet. I was so pleased to have met her and to hear that she would be interested in sharing some of her work with us all. Ishtar, a Spanish 32-year-old artist living in the UK has a natural hand in making things beautiful. Read for yourself…

Some Questions…

I see you do illustrations as well as photography. How did it all begin? Did you always know that is what you wanted to do? I´ve always loved to paint, but it was actually something that evolved in a natural way with time. With photography for example, was because of the blog. I wanted to improve the photos I showed on the blog so I practiced a lot and eventually got my self a better camera. What is a normal day like for you? I´m an early riser. I love to wake up when everyone is still asleep and have that time for my self. Then I prepare my kids breakfast and get them ready for school. When I return I work with the computer on the projects I´m on at that moment. Cook lunch at 1, pick up my kids at school at 3 and then just work for a couple more of hours. After that we do some crafts together or go to the park. What inspires you? Color, music, nature, tenderness, compassion…Who inspires you? Do you have a favourite artist or person? Creative people. The beautiful, brilliant ideas and projects they come up with. I see how amazing human beings can be and the wonderful things we are capable of creating. In the world of illustration and photographs, do you find it hard to make your mark? Yes. And I used to be concerned about this in the beginning but not anymore. Because I´m happy who ever I reach. Even if it’s just one person.  And if it makes a difference in them, then I feel my work is done. But its funny, what starts to happen when you commit to your self, to your beliefs, to your art, and when you create from the heart.. things seem to fall into place and you start finding your own voice out there. (Ishtar, I love the way you said it) . Do you have a support network of fellow creative’s? I do have some friends who are crafters or artists and we support one another, but I don’t have what is properly called a network. What is your favourite piece…or is that an unfair question? My creations are like my children, I love them all. But it’s also true sometimes I can feel more identified with a certain piece. Right now I´m specially fond of My “compassion” watercolour bunny. I read on your blog that you have children, how do you manage to juggle kids, work, home and leisure AND find the time to unwind and re-group yourself to be more creative? I have to say it was more difficult when my kids where toddlers, but now that they have grown up, they play a lot together and with friends, so that gives me plenty of time to do my things. After 5 I´m done with work and I belong to them : ) What can you say to inspire someone interested in illustration or photography? Read, learn, practice, explore…all of these are great advices..but also, don’t forget to do what feels right for you. Allow your creativity to grow and expand without bounds. And just let things flow..make your process of creating enjoyable…Because thats when you allow your true self to unfold naturally and find your genuine voice. I once read a quote I loved, I don’t remember the author but it said something like this : “ When I wrote books for others, nobody wanted them. Then I wrote books for my self and everybody loved them”.

Ishtar has also written many Craft Tutorials so please go to her blog for more info on them.

You can also check out her website here, her blog here and her shop here.

In the Life of Ishtar…

Today is the only day we have. I try to live in the present……

My handbag consists of….. just my keys and wallet : ) sometimes my camera too : )

If I were an animal… I would be an eagle..who wouldn´t love to fly?

…is my baby. My two sons will always be my babies!

The forests and nature landscapes are the best thing about where I live.

Enjoying sun bathing when it’s not cloudy and crafting  is what I love doing on weekends.

If I could have coffee with ..So many people to choose from!!! Marc Boutavant would be nice for example!

May Ann Licudine is an inspiring artist.

My favourite books to read are craft books and spiritual books….

Being an artist is being able to explore and interpret the beautiful world out and within.

You will find some beautiful photographs, so sincerely taken and captured. Having started her blog and wanting to improve with photography you can see how it inspired her to venture more and more into creativity, arts and crafts and stunning photography. What I love about Ishtar is her unique sense of style. Her sweet chinese influenced illustrations and her truthful names of each art piece shows a real and transparent character that is who she is and loves it just the same. Passionate mother, inspired artist and craft enthusiast, it’s no wonder she has been featured on many other platforms including MiCasa a spanish magazine, vtwonen, decor8 and Kireei to name but a few…

And who wouldn’t get inspired working from this beautiful workspace below? Ishtar does ship internationally, so her work can reach your paws no matter where you are. (great news!) I love the Rain Drops illustration, and the Compassion Bunny is gorgeous as well as the postcards, stamps, her owls and oh, so much more. Ishtar, thank you for sharing about yourself, your work, your family and your passion. You have inspired me and I am sure many other readers. I fell in love with your illustrations and crafts. It’s been a real pleasure to meet you and your sincere look on life. Thank you!


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