Let’s face it, as much as we would love to have a bedroom that oozes meticulous organisation and neatness as well as carry our own character and flair, it is extremely hard to keep it looking like it’s out of a magazine. I often laugh because we are always inspired by perfect pictures of perfect bedrooms. In reality if you take a peek into the bedroom on a Sunday morning you will find kids toys are all over the place, clothes dumped on the arm-chair. Coffee mugs and newspapers a sprawled on the floor or side tables. Perhaps toys or books in the bed? You might you wake up with clothes on the floor from the night before, dresser still left as it was before you went out and a pile of “must do” paper work on the side table. Your bag or keys and shoes are nowhere to be found.

However your bedroom looks like, I will say “It’s ok, you are normal!” We all have days were our homes looks great and we all have days when our home looks rather lived in. I like the lived in look, it’s warm and alive!

In saying that, I also believe that getting inspired by the beautiful photographs that the talented photographer takes is not a bad either. We all need a little encouragement and we all like to see beauty in whatever shape or form. This is doable if you make sure your don’t get yourself tangled in a knot about how your home must look for others but rather so that your home reflects your own personality and vibe and which carries YOUR own style to match your lifestyle. Don’t get down if it’s not perfect, just live your life and create that feeling in your own home that makes you smile and relax when you walk in the door. That is important, more than mess or tidiness, If you are a clean-freak like me, that’s also ok, just be easy on those who aren’t.

So, to get you inspired and motivated, here are some bedroom ideas…Just picture your clothes on the floor, your mugs and morning papers on the side tables and perhaps some kiddies books somewhere in there. {Smile}

Four very different rooms seen via BadeDecor, Iroonie & NorthOnHarper– Elle Decor and The Inspired room.

Last three via Ehow, Country Living & The Inspired Room.



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