Monday morning always comes waaaaaaay to soon. How are you all today? I have been quite busy at work and have also had some little setbacks in blog time. I got a new computer and will be setting up at home but the internet is taking a little while, so will do my best to get started properly as soon as possible. The work computer is not allowing certain functions, so I’ve had problems getting information on the blog. Have no fear though!  I have some AMAZING people I have interviewed and I’m super excited to share them with you all! Just bear with me if posts are a little sparse in the next week or so. Thank you…

I have some beautiful patch work to show you. I recently found out that patchwork and quilting are 2 different things. Quilting is the act of sewing the layers of quilt together, it’s also the word used to explain the hobby. Patchwork is sewing the patches together or even making a larger scale piece like a quilt. I hope that made sense!?

None the less, please enjoy these beautiful creations, colours and ideas. There is never a new idea in the world of design, just some uniquely formed.

Photographs from Interior Design, Design Crisis, The Lovely Room, Imperial Measures.


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