Finding your post or letters are getting pushed aside monthly? Do you find yourself searching for a piece of paper in a frantic state but it’s nowhere to be found? Maybe you just find the pile of bills and paper work too daunting and you give a sigh and turn your head the other way leaving it for a rainy day that always comes too late? If that sounds familiar, please read on. CS tip of the day is about how you can get on top of your paper work without any swearing or tears.

Find yourself a functional storage box or letter draw. (see below examples) These are NOT to be kept full but to allow you to have a visual of what you need to do monthly. Even if you are not an admin person, this will help you get your head space right so you can focus on other things. Having at least 3 different sections will allow the following:

-In box (time to open post)
-NB box
-Out box (time to file your paper work)

Once you collect your post, open it straight away (if you can) and check if it belongs in any of those categories. If you need to pay the bill place in the NB box. If there is no action required for the letter, file the letter in the OUT box tray.

(The IN box is there to allow you some time to gather your post of which you can attend to when you don’t have screaming kids all over you or in a rush after a busy day at work. Please note the IN box must be empty most of the time otherwise there is no point)

Choose a date of the month that suits you best and go through the NB draw and attend to the paper work. Place in the OUT box once dealt with. 

File away anything that is in the OUT box. I would start a new file date the beginning of the TAX year. That way you have all your documents ready for tax time.

Happy organising!

Draw organiser, a Bordeaux Rack and Letter Organisers. From Occa-Home.

White letter storage from Kaboodle.

Wire Baskets from Angel.


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