Alright, alright … I am aware that it’s only November and perhaps too early to put up your Christmas tree. (Really?)

You have to admit it is hard NOT to get excited for Christmas with all the shops displaying their Christmas goodies. I will also add in the fact that I am heading to Spain for Christmas to see my dad, so I am of course VERY excited! The feeling of festivity is surrounding me already. I took the tree out yesterday … Called my husband and asked him if I was completely mad to want to put it up now. He said yes. (Laugh now) But alas. I did not put the tree up. I’m saving it for a rainy day …

That is why I have decided to post about some very cool Christmas decorations instead.  Broste Copenhagen has some lovely pieces to display around your home and it’s not just for Christmas either. Even though it is Denmark based, you can still get motivated. Broste Copenhagen can be viewed here.

(Love the bearded father Christmas hangings above)

Not only do they stock Christmas decor but homeware as well.


1 thought on “BROSTE COPENHAGEN”

  1. Gorgeous! I tend to be iesnirpd by a combination of modern clean lines and earthy textures in my work so I’m particularly drawn to this! It looks so clean and minimalist, yet calming as well.


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