About three weeks ago, I had 2 posts I wanted to share with you all before 2011 ended. I was quite excited about them because I thought they both had special content in their own right. The day I wanted to post IM LEAVING ON A JET PLANE, was the day my internet crashed and was the day before I was leaving on that jet plane.

The 2nd post was an interview I had done in the last few months of 2011 and wanted to end the year sharing about this fabulous women. I tried sending it at the JHB airport but with all the hustle and bustle, I never managed. Bummed to say the least … I realized I could not even wish you all a happy Christmas or new year! 

So I truly hope you all had a great festive season and that you are ready for whatever 2012 brings you. Without further delay, here is the “amended” version of the first post…and Im sorry for the delay. I missed you all!


For the Festive season, My husband, my sister’s family and I left for a Spanish Christmas and new year. My father and step mother own a farm in the north-east region of Spain, about one and a half hours from Barcelona. The farm holds olive, orange, mandarin and almond trees to name a few. It is not a harvesting farm unfortunately – when bought it had been un-farmed for a few years.

The first time I was there, it had cold showers and a toilet in the bush with the toilet roll holder being a branch of an olive tree! They bought the farm with only one un-roofed building the size of a shed. It still held a small cannon ball hole in one of the walls and had hay and lanterns in it from years back. They really started from scratch!

The second time I was there, they had proper toilets and an established 1st level of the house was built.

This time there is a double story, running water, central heating and a braai/barbeque area. So lots of work had been done.

What was special about this trip was that I had told J and my sister about the farm for a long time. My video footage and pictures were lost when my video camera and laptop were stolen a few years back. It all became a reality as we stood on Spanish soil, hearing the wind  between the olive trees.

My dad is an adventurer-did I mention that? He should really write a book of all his adventures. As kids, he took us on many horse riding trips in the mountains and fishing near crocodiles and hippopotamuses as well as facing snakes and warthogs head-on. His farm is most certainly an adventure. It’s rustic to say the least. We had to pump water and were not allowed to drink the water unless it was brought up from the village. But its Spain as raw as you can get it and I loved every moment. 

Here is the farm or Finca as they call it in Spain. 

The front of the house.

The back entrance to the upper level of house.

Side view of house.

View from the porch to the house.

View from the porch over the valley in front.

View of the house from one of the terraces.You can see the orange trees edging the photograph.

Side view of house.


The 11 acre farm is in a valley over looking the Catalan village of Benifallet. Below is the village. This photograph was taken from the long driveway up to the farm.

Photograph below is of the Riu Ebra that runs all long the Catalonian region into the ocean. You can also see the terraces of farm land. It is so beautiful. Even more stunning in person.

The view from the driveway. J captures the light and the colors beautifully. It was winter in Spain when we went, so imagine the array of colors in summer!



This photograph below is from the other side of the river, from the top of the village Benifallet. In the right corner, you will see the Riu Ebra that divides the farm from the village and you will see the mountain valley where the farm is situated. 

Beautiful isn’t it? Well the people and the food, the wine and the language is just as beautiful. They are a creative nation. The villages, even in the same tones of color, hold such a remarkable charm about them. I would have loved to show the family the colors in summer. Perhaps that is another adventure to plan?


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