Brothers, Bound, Fallen Chance and Flamingo Sands

Bold color. Beautifully sketched. Emotion enhancing. Are all factors when looking at this artist’s work. Belinda Chen is 24 years old and has just settled in Shangai after having lived in Berlin and Melbourne.

Belinda’s background is in Communication design. Her heart held interest in illustration and while in Berlin, her pursuit and exploration in illustration took off. Her work has been used by Nylon magazine, Gloss Creative, SOKO magazine and Madison to name a few. Exhibitions have been at the Penthouse Mouse, L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne, 2011& 2009 as well as State of design festival and in other Melbourne and Berlin galleries. Publications have reached Desktop, Marie Claire, Fault … and that is naming 3 of many.

What I love about her work is that it’s unique. She has held her own style and her own emotion in each piece. I love her imagination and creativity. It is very hard  not to get inspired by Belinda. When asking Belinda what the best thing is about what she does, her answer was “Being free to create and experiment, to have an idea and make it. I also like creating illustrations which represent a message or tells a story.”

You told me a bit about how it all started, can you tell us of the day your passion moved toward illustration from graphic design or did it just fold that way?

After working a few years in various design studios, my partner and I decided to move to Berlin. It is a wonderful city with many inspirations and endless possibilities. Each person makes their own way and you just have to make things happen for yourself. I began to draw one day and have continued ever since.

Do you still have your first illustration? How have you progressed?
These are one of the first illustrations I did (1st above). I’m really interested in fashion and at the time, there was this huge influx of men’s fashion magazines, editorials and blogs solely dedicated to menswear and fashion.

I saw that there were countless illustrations portraying women and fashion, yet not really for the men, so I did a series of illustrations that were inspired by a fashion editorial by WATARU for Huge Magazine and it started from there.

What are you currently working on?
I have recently finished a few personal commissions and editorial illustrations for magazines.

You say that you inspired by fashion, cultures, stories, nature. Tell us a bit more or do you have work that relates to these points that you would like to share with us? I love all those things you mentioned above and they are my constant inspirations. They influence the work I do, give me new ideas and make me happy.

Name one word to explain ART? 

If you could encourage a person to go with their dream, what would you say?
You are the one who can make it for yourself, go for it!

If you could have coffee with-who would it be? David Foster Wallace

Do you have a favourite artist?
I have many! But some of my favourites are Rei Kawakubo, Olafur Eliasson and Jonathan Zawada.

Above: Street style portraits, Food illustrations which I really like.

Above: Summer and then her Piccolo Degree apartments Lift lobby graphics.

I really smiled at her profile photograph. Sending me one of her in the midst of African animals!

Hanging out with my best friend, having a relaxing coffee, afternoon picnic with family & friends… is the best way to spend a Sunday.

Being an artist makes me…happy.

The diversity, the city, the people, sights, observations, sounds, adventures—they’re all my favourite parts of Berlin.

When I create I like to… listen to music and podcasts.

Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami…is one of the best books I’ve read so far.

I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer when I was small.

One word to explain my home is…happy.



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