MAGNETIC GRAIN – you cant help being pulled in by them

Welcome to Friday’s post everyone. It makes me super excited when I get told of new and creative forces out there! Thanks to Mike from Depictogram, I was referred this fabulous website and of course I got in touch with the company straight away! Traci was super welcoming and excited to share their work and to be frank I am thrilled to tell you a little about what Magnetic Grain is about. Being a lover of wood and holding appreciation for good craftsmanship, I am hoping to introduce you to many more wood-loving-creatives so stay tuned.

Above is their amazing Snap Hang which is an excellent and stylish way of wall mounting anything from photographs to textiles to art. 

Above are their wood tiles. What super creative ways to use recycled, salvaged and vintage wood! You can design your own composition of exotic hardwood tiles. It’s a brilliant idea for decor and can be changed as your mood so desires. Just amazing isn’t it?!

Traci shares a little magic about Magnetic Grain … 

-How did Magnetic Grain begin? Magnetic Grain actually started with the (patent pending) GrowFrame – a magnetically modular framing system that was an extension of an online service called GrowShow.  From there, Trevor dove head-first (possibly a little obsessively?) into the combination of wood & magnets – with a special emphasis on using reclaimed, salvaged and vintage materials.

-Do you sell internationally? We do sell internationally through our Untitled website ( and soon through our Magnetic Grain website.  We don’t currently have any international retailers, but we would love some!

-What is the best thing about what you do? The best thing about what we do depends on which of us you ask.  For me – I love sourcing the vintage and reclaimed materials.  Flea markets, swap meets, yard sales – I love it!  I also love that we are taking resources that would be thrown out or turned into wood chips and are giving them a new beautiful life.  For Trevor – his favorite is always the initial idea and prototyping process.  To have an idea and be able to bring it to life is pretty amazing … and he has more ideas than anyone I’ve ever known.

-Who else is involved in Magnetic Grain? Magnetic Grain consists of Trevor and I.  We have a small wood shop here in Ventura with 2 awesome woodworkers.  We have a local painter / finisher that we work with as well.  And we have a partnership with Agromin, the largest green-waste recycling company in Southern California.  This partnership gives us access to an amazing array of organic material (pallets, fence posts, old signage, etc).

Pretty cool or what?! Now you understand why I got in touch with them straight away! What I love best about Magnetic Grain, is that it’s a humble and naturally talented company that holds passion for each item. From sourcing material and starting the product to marketing it. 

Searching for vintage and demolished goods and “bringing them to life” in my eyes makes the pieces all the more special. Not only is Magnetic Grain fantastic and creative, they are green as well and we all know it is time to give back to the world. Please stay tuned for more of Magnetic Grain as I am sure hoping to give you more updates and information.

As you see below Traci and Trevor don’t limit themselves at all. They offer changeable table tops and striking wooden chairs. They even make puzzle pieces! There is no doubt in my mind that you will be seeing more of Magnetic Grain. Is it possible I have lived under a rock and that is why I have not seen them before? If you have not heard of them – remember you heard it on Creative Stream first and please share their work! Get hold of Traci here.

You can buy from their Etsy shop here or find other stockists here.

It was EXTREMELY HARD  to choose only a few pictures of Traci and Trevor’s work. So I decided to show you as much as possible without overload!

“Magnetic Grain is a designer and manufacturer of inventive products for the home. We focus on all things wood – sustainable & salvaged, magnetic & modular, fun & functional. All Magnetic Grain products are designed by Trevor Elliott, the founder & creator behind Magnetic Grain and the finished pieces are truly handmade, small craft production. Our products are manufactured in our local wood shop in Ventura, Ca. and finished by a local artisan. In this way, we can ensure the quality and integrity of each piece in our product line. Magnetic Grain was founded in early 2009 with one product, the GrowFrame (Patent Pending). We have continued to build from that, launching new products that combine our two favorite raw materials : wood in all shapes, finishes and species + magnets. Prior to starting Magnetic Grain, Trevor Elliott created only “intangible” products; websites, online kiosks and the like. To say that he is having fun now creating products that he can actually hold in his hand would be an understatement. In 2010, his wife, Traci Elliott, joined the MagGrain team fulltime bringing over a decade of experience in Sales and Business Development with her. Our line includes furniture, photo frames, art and more. We will be adding collections periodically with the goal of being a inventive design and product resource for the home and gift specialty retailer.”


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