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A person who is creative.
Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work: “creative writing”.
originative – original – constructive – productive

I know you can’t put creativity in a box. It so doesn’t belong there. Which brings me to this question. Are we all creative?

If I think about it, I would call myself a creative person. I did Art at school, I was the school photographer and belonged to the photographic club back in the darkroom days. I always create ideas for many things. Family wise my moms paints, mosaics and draws. My sisters are extremely creative. But when I actually put paint to canvas or pen to paper, I’m not so hot! Funny that. You see I have so many ideas and so many visions of things to make and paint and do. So many bright ideas and excited craft moments. Plenty of mood boards whirling around. DIY projects waiting to get finished and sewing projects dying to get surfaced. Maybe I should focus on one thing, instead of trying to do it all and I will find my creative outlet.

Something deep inside me says that we are all creative. Even in the simplest way. It might be in sport, cooking, thinking, writing, singing, music and mothering! … the list goes on. I feel happier knowing that. Coming to terms with the fact that I can’t draw to save my life but I can nearly sew,  I love photography and I have so many book ideas. I am craving some implementation …  The courage in creating is getting started!

Do you know what you the most creative at? Did you know that it’s normally the normal thing you do best. (big smile) Something you do without thinking or realising it’s an effort. Think about it? … Let me know about it.

Image via Deviantart.


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