Revamp It

REVAMP IT – Guest bedroom and study

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our very first REVAMP IT post. I hope I get to see many of your emails with your “problem areas” as this has been extremely fun and I look forward to getting to know some of you on a more personal level.

Let me start…

Debs asked for a spare bedroom that could be inviting and comfortable for guests to stay in, as well as double up as a creative workspace for her and her husband. Her colouration for the room is light blue, dark blue and orange/coral.



They say that one should never walk into a room and look straight onto the bed so I left the position of the bed up against the space between the cupboards – it fits perfectly.  Instead of side pedestals I have opted for a floating shelf above the bed. This way it frees up more space in the room and allows guests to have somewhere to store their things. A clip on lamp would be a good idea, it can easily be fixed to the side of the shelf and will give a good direct light for reading. Just make sure that the floating shelf is installed at a correct height, so that you don’t knock your head each time when sitting up. To add a focal point to the room and to accentuate the height I suggest you either apply a stick on vinyl decal or one strip of wallpaper on the wall behind the bed, from the floor right up to the ceiling. This will also introduce colour into the room.

The desk is positioned slightly off centre to the bed to allow for easy access into the room. Instead of a desk lamp, perhaps use a standing desk lamp that can be placed next to the desk. Because the room is quite small, literally, 3.2m x 3.2m, I suggest you use a clear perspex chair. It will give the illusion of space as it is see-through and small.

I’ve allowed for some pretty decorative coat hooks behind the door for things like beach bags, hats and the guitar. Guests can also use them for their bags and coats.

For the window, it might be a good idea to take that wooden pelmet off, touch up the wall and refit the blinds that you currently have. I would suggest you install two drops of soft white mock or working curtains, and ensure the rod is high up on the wall, close to the ceiling. This will give the room the feeling of height and more space, as well as soften it a bit. The curtains can be a soft muslin or cotton and if you want you can the let the bottoms pile on the floor.

Lastly, if you can, I would suggest you repaint the room in a light off-white cream paint and change the old fashioned built in cupboard door handles to something a little more classic.



I hope you like what I have suggested.

Che’ xox

Thank you Che’! I love it!

What next? Get your information ready and send Che’ your room/space of choice. Emails are now open! Read here for guidelines and email the address.


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