I really am loving seeing zigzags and stripes! On pretty much anything from clothes to stationary. There is a fun and elegant part to these lines. Usually I would instinctively look out for plain items but nowadays I’m definitely looking at anything with lines including the ones under your eyes-ha ha. The item worn above is gorgeous isn’t? It makes your body look the right shape, quite complimentary.

Subtle wall paper makes any  dull corner into a feature and positive place. Really enjoying the soft grey and white.

Warm hues of lines come together. Not so sure on the snake but love the carpet and cushion brought together by the occasional chair.

Colorful stripe bowls add fun to any occasion. Pastel party colors seem to be a winner here. Who says you need paper cups and plates??

This black and white chair is gorgeous! Toned down by an abstract painting held beautifully by lovely flooring. It’s a winner combo for sure. I think we all need a black and white stripe chair at some stage of our existence …

I have used this photograph before and really love the zigzag fabric complimented by the red desk. It is sexy and elegant and fun all at once. All photographs are via Rue Magazine.


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