It has been a random month to say the least. I’m sorry my posts have been few and far between this month. There comes a time when one feels they just need to be quiet. Have you felt that before?

This month we were robbed for the 2nd time in 2 months and it really takes a toll on a person. It’s not the loss of things. It’s the invasion and the spitefulness of what they leave behind that seems to cramp your stomach in frustration and hurt. The word compassion seems so distant but it’s a real word intended for many circumstances.

We have also been renovating a flat we bought in Morningside and therefore hardly seen friends and family. I can happily say that it’s nearly done. By the 1st of April it should be ready. J and I have learnt so much in the process and we have gained some wisdom for the next purchase. Trial and error are the famous words often used. Its exhausting work, some of you I know understand this. The emotional feeling you get to the property you renovating is without a doubt clear, but to not over capitalise is a boundary line one must learn to put in place very quickly. I think we have done well for our first buy.

In this month of difference, I will be honest and say that my heart’s desire is to also be a bit more personal on Creative Stream. I really value all you readers. It’s such a delight to know you reading what I write or you viewing what I show you. What makes a blog worth reading? It’s the content, hands down. In order to have great content, I must have my heart in it more than just showing you what you want to see and that means showing a little more of Deb than I had wanted to before.

I found this and thought it encouraged me to hold more compassion in the midst of chaos.

Picture source from here.


4 thoughts on “HELLO AGAIN …

    1. Thank you so muc h. Yes, they are nasty for sure. We renting out the flat for now as settled in Umhlanga were we work. Thats why renovating was so hard because you want to do so much more if you going to live there. Glad yours is getting along-keep going, you doing great! xx


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