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I love meeting inspiring people! That is why I love blogging so much. I have been extremely blessed being able to meet so many people from around the world and interview them. There is many more lined up for 2012! This woman is no exception. Emma Levitt (who is originally from South Africa I might add) has rallied up a team of unique and inspiring textile designers. You might remember her from this post. It was about the launch of one of their new designers Sixhands.

Emily Ziz holds many more beautiful imported fabrics and accessories. She is a platform for interior designers and textile designers to connect as well as for plane-Jane-interior-lovers to adore the designs. This is much more than just an agency. It feels like a community of all things beautiful from lighting to  fabrics. As previously mentioned Emily Ziz, offer’s styling and interior advice to businesses and individuals as well.

I asked Emma a few questions…

#1 Tell us about how it all began? (I love the story behind things) I’ve always had a passion for “beautiful things to decorate the home” and am the daughter of 2 creative parents so design has had an ongoing presence in my life.  When we launched the business our collection initially originated exclusively from South Africa (where I am from), and fabrics and products from this region still form the predominant part of our range.  Though we have now taken on 2 wonderful Australian design houses, Sixhands and Grace Garrett, as well as a British wallpaper product from the talented John Burgerman.  In terms of how it all started…I would frequently go back to SA to visit family and friends and come across amazing textiles and beautiful design, but realised that many of them had no real presence in Australia.  3 days before the end of a holiday I approached some of the designers to see if they would be interested in working with me out here – by the end of the trip I had secured 3 designers and now we represent close to 40 design houses!

Jesse Breytenbach
Congo Rose

#2 Are you able to share with us a little about each designer? What they hold and who they are? Since there are almost 40 of them it probably makes sense to give you a general overview!  The best way to explain the collection of designs and products that we offer is: boutique, statement fabric, wallpaper and product to be used by designers and decorators who want to make an impact in the spaces they are designing.  Our collection spans from delicate hand painted fabrics through to screen prints and block prints as well as high-end woven and digitally printed commercial applications and outdoor fabrics.  We’ve recently expanded into wallpaper and rugs and we also have a beautiful hand-made lighting range called Willowlamp.  We have a broad collection of textile accessories and also original and limited edition artworks.


#3 Share with us about Sixhands launch event on the 2nd Feb.  We were very excited to be approached by the designers at Sixhands to become their Sydney based agents.  I have always loved their bold design and their style of work fits our story perfectly.  We launched our collection with them at Decoration and Design Sydney earlier this month and that same week we had a launch party in their design studio.  It was a great way for Sixhands to meet some of our design clients and for us to meet some of their customers that we haven’t worked with before.  Most importantly this was our entry into working with Australian design, along with Grace Garrett (who approached us the same week that Sixhands did!),  which is very exciting for us.


#4What does the word creative mean for you? Or the designers. To be bold and unconventional in your approach!

#5 Looking forward, what does 2012 hold for you all? Most importantly we need to get all the amazing product that we have to offer in front of all those designers, architects, high-end retailers that aren’t familiar with the product. As we are Sydney based we will also be very focused on expanding our presence in the key areas interstate.

Ronel Jordaan

Emma you are inspiring and I am very pleased to meet you!

Thank you for creating a place where we can connect with some talented designers. I look forward to sharing more about everyone at Emily Ziz Style Studio.

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One thought on “EMILY ZIZ Style Studio

  1. As a South African, Emma really does us proud, with the confidence she has shown in the SA creatives’s work, enough to make a business of it overseas. Thanks Emma and may your business continue to grow from strength to strength.


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