One of my favorite artist is Franςoise Nielly. I was so blessed to step into her exclusive Barcelona gallery when I was in Spain in December! Wow- she is so amazing!

I just love her BIG usage of paint. Thick and colourful. The sharp lines create a strong and edgy atmosphere. The eyes of these faces always portray an emotion of sorts. She says the uses of neon colors in her paintings could stem from her memory of vivid colours from her childhood in the south of France and due to her ‘overprotected crippled sister”  she would find herself alone many times … Perhaps that’s were the emotions in to her style comes from.

I love her style …

Her background was advertising. She was also a photographer! Her passion lay with filmmaking and fashion design but her hand took charge to create these magnificent paintings and it is in that, that I feel she found her true calling.

“I am very close to nature, I love the sea, it is a space of freedom that you loose when you live in town. Respect, happiness, protection… These are the words that come up when I think of nature. Unfortunately, I see the future painted in black. I am not optimistic at all. One of these days, earth will break down…” Francoise Nielly

{I actually cant say anything more … her paintings says it all}


2 thoughts on “BOLD – FRANCOISE NIELLY

  1. Wow I love the colours that she uses! So striking! I think the top 2 paintings are my favourite! I would love one of your paintings up on my wall at home! Very creative and inspiring 🙂


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