Hello everyone. It’s great to be back … It seems for the last 3 months I’ve been hibernating. Well I have kept myself quiet but trying not too at the same time – if that makes any sense.

We are expecting our 1st child and in between 3 attempted burglaries of which 2 were succesful and then renovating our 1st property and my mom dislocating her hip twice, I have been nauseous and cranky and tired –  all due to a little bundle of joy growing in my tummy! We have crossed the 12 week hurdle and baby is all well and healthy boxing like a champion in my tummy. Too cute for words.

So I feel a lot more “normal”. Thank goodness! There truly is nothing like the fatigue you feel when growing a baby from cells into a human.

We are not sure what sex this bundle of joy is yet. We not sure if we want to find out. Any advice? And now that we have passed the 1st trimester, I’ve looked into baby rooms and ideas. I’m a lover of neutral with dashes of colour either by toys or books but a general palette of perhaps white, browns and maybe grey. I might change my mind when in the ‘nesting phase’ but none the less I saw these two beautiful pictures from Chic&cheap Nursery and fell in love! What do you think??


17 thoughts on “BABY BABY

  1. Stunning! You’ll love having fun and playing with many themes and ideas that you will see in this time! Especially the excitement and wondering if there’s going to be a dash of pink or a splash of blue! Such exciting wonderful times!

    Some people say to wait for a the surprise is worth it, some prefre finding out what your little treasure is better…for us we chose the later but no matter what you and J decide both are awesome! You have the gift of carrying, naturing and praying over this precious gift from our Father and a bound will be formed whether you wait to know or whether you leave it as a surprise! Do what you guys feel!

    Soon you’ll feel the little flutters!

    We speak purpose and destiny! Mountain mover…that’s what I feel for your baba!

    Lots of love my special friend x x


  2. I totally get what you mean now Debs-about the nursery colours 🙂 its a really stunning colour palette and suits you and Jono’s taste perfectly!!


  3. Congratulations! What special news… So much to look forward to and a special time now to enjoy while the little miracle grows inside. I always say the more organized you are the more you need to find out what sex you’re having 🙂 – we didn’t find out for our first, and keeping the second a surprise as well – was perfect for us that way, and if you can manage keeping it a surprise that’s what I would say, but as with everything I reckon it’s what makes you the happiest and most comfortable…


    1. Thank you! 🙂 Thats great advice too. Im of med to high in organasation…and was only wondering this last week if we should find out only to speak its name with life and blessing. But ive always wanted to keep it a surprise and now that the time has come … perhaps I should stick to my guns and wait! How are you feeling?? How far along are you now?


      1. We’ve got 3 months to go…. and so much to do before then, but all very exciting. Loving the pregnancy now that the morning sickness and that exhaustion is over. Baby kicking nicely which always makes it so much more real for me… Look after yourself and enjoy this precious time, before you know it you’ll have your precious baby in your arms…


      2. Thank you so much! and Im so so happy for you! Its such a precious gift and honor to become a mom 😉
        Wishing you all the best and will keep you in prayer. When is your due date?


  4. Sis… I LOVE THIS VIBE!!! Its so perfect for you & J & my neice/nephew! I know it wont matter what you have (girl or boy), im just saying…. i think its a him. Plus, the family NEEDS HIMS, we have 2 mayh hers already!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx loves


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