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Cool Japan

Sometimes I come across the most beautiful Japanese items. I have always had a soft spot for their art and creativity. Like their very own tetsubin tea pots and their wooden stamps and woodblock prints. I love Japanese flowers. Even their bonsai’s are delicately and patiently crafted and pruned. It makes me think that the nation have a strong sense of patience and control when it comes to art and creating. I found these prints from the World Gallery.

By Maxi Posters and Ando Hiroshige.

First photos from Maxi Posters and Ando Hiroshige. The interior of  room above oozes peace and calm, created by the low bed and wall decor. Photo fromArchitectHouseDesigns. Picture above Japanese Streets.

Shizen Creations  Dont you just love this bath? Japanese wood strong bathtub said to be used indoor and out. I love the solid look with the dark red and black colours. Below is a Japanese wood chest. Both photographs seen via BathroomDesignsIdea.

Japanese wood block prints seen below, seen via Baxley Stamps.


Image above via Sensational Teas.

Image above via Cool Japan. Umbrella image via Quantas, Flower via Clive Christy and wooden draws via A GenerousDesigner.


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