Ok, so not everyone has the time or the ideas to create such a beautiful party. Not everyone can afford it either. That is why I wanted to share this inspirational women with you. Having spoken to mother and photographer Natalie Hatting, she made it sounds so easy and affordable which is why I’m dying to share it with you all. Creative Stream has some tips on how she got her 4 years old’s party so magnificently created and displayed. Natalie did pretty much everything herself from the printed labels to the food and the only 2 things she had help with was the birthday girls dress and the bunting flags (which was made by a local woman from her town). 

Natalie – “I did some “research” if you can call it that on “Ladybird Party Ideas” and combined all the things I liked. For example the pink lemonade idea came from a totally different party theme all together. I love pastel colours for little girls, so I decided to go with a light pink and green for the main colours and only here and there, like with the actual little ladybirds, did I not mind for a bit of red and a teeny-tiny bit of black “

Details like the photo frames were taken from her home & she bought a few more which she says will always be used again. The frames I think created such a homey and mature element to the day. Natalie had some hassle trying to find lady bird theme items so she used her imagination and widened her choice by adding in bunnies, butterflies and white roses. The bunnies were found on a sale at Clicks after all the Easter rush at R1 each-what a bargain!

Natalie – “Speaking purely out of experience (having 4 kids) parties can become VERY expensive! So instead of choosing a themed character from Disney or Marvel (like most people think they have to) where people expect the plates, cups, hats and ALL to be covered with the character, we chose something a little more versatile. Ladybirds have “spots” right, so bringing polka-dots in is a great and cheaper way to decorate up! Polka-dots, pastels, pinks and paisley always look good together! Just an opinion.”

Natalie googled a lot of the images and used her faithful printer at home to do all the printing. That created such a personal touch to the decor and style of the party theme.

One good and cheaper way of having food or party packs is using popcorn! Natalie shares more … “The paper popcorn bags were probably the easiest and cheapest out of everything! Popcorn costs very little and goes very far and brown paper bags are just as easy on the pocket and available at most catering supply shops, even at the local butchery or the bottle store!”

Natalie’s kids sure keeps her on her toes, the eldest 2 boys are twins and they are 10 years old. Then Kiehan is 6 and the last little angel is Amber whose Lady bBird party we are all viewing, turned 4! Now that is a handful if you ask me. What helped Natalie in all these preparations is that her earlier work was being a PA, which of course makes sense were all the organization and planning comes so naturally. What Natalie now does photography full-time. That passion as I find with many photographers, stemmed from taking pictures of their children and which later bloomed into more than just a passion or hobby. Natalie now takes beautiful photographs which can be viewed here. I will update you once her blog gets finished and ready for viewing.

This amazing party display has now brought her some business! Natalie has been asked to plan some parties for people  since Amber’s special day and I am just totally blown away by her enthusiasm and creativity, having 4 children by her side demanding the usual demands. If you are looking for some party inspiration or help, please contact Natalie via her Facebook page or if you live near Utrecht (have any of you actually heard of this place?) then give her a call-she would be happy to help from photography to party decorations. 

(Incase you wondering were Utrecht is, like I did, it’s in the very north region of Kwa Zulu Natal. Natalie says its between Joburg and Durban but right at the top near Mpumalanga. Now you have learnt something new!)

Natalie’s recommendations to anyone wanting to plan a party.

– Firstly decide on a theme
– Secondly, stick to your decision!
“I have been wanting to do “Ladybirds” since my twins were born, but realized it wasn’t very boyish and they would never have forgiven me! So I waited for my little girl, and then I waited a little longer, until she turned old enough to really appreciate it. She is big enough now to tell Mommy what cake she wants, what party dress she wants and a few minor other things that I allowed her to dictate to me.”
 – The best way to plan and afford a pretty party is to start early!  “No matter how crazy other mom’s think you are (or your husband for that matter) if you see something that could work for a party, buy it there and then, and if it’s on special ~ GRAB IT AND RUN.”
 – Have a “party cupboard” in your house. “It started as a drawer and much to my delight it grew into a whole cupboard!”
 – Don’t throw everything away after every party … a bit of spray paint and a new label or ribbon on it and you have a whole new look for a different theme all together. 
 – Invest in some glass jars or save your Mayonnaise and Peanut Butter jars (like your grandparents do) and you can use them as vases, sweet jars and even party packs (for older children only) and afterwards they serve as storage for all the little nick-naks! “Just don’t go overboard with collecting them, it can become a bad habit, those that don’t make the cut for the party table, send to your granny, she will be thrilled and you may even get it back filled with delicious home-made chutney!!!”

Thank you Natalie for sharing your tips and photographs. You are an inspiration!



  1. Jy IS beslis BAIE talentvol!! PRAGTIGE idee en kiekies :):) Ek het 2 partytjies later in die jaar!! Gaan beslis by jou kom aanklop! 😉


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