The Bounty Hunter

Hello all. Today is a little note from me. An inside reflection on what I do daily. For those of you who don’t know, I am a debt collector from 8-4pm everyday. I used to repossess houses and for 2 years of working at that financial institution, I became less and less fragile and more competent in dealing with money matters of a serious and personal level with people. Taking someones home away because they refuse to sell their Jaguar to pay for the bond was a daily affair and to be honest a daily strength training program for me. I am a subtle and gentle person, took things way to personally and really battled having people shout at me because they were not in a  financial place to adhere to their financial commitment. I often found myself between a divorced couple, fighting over the house payments which suddenly become none of their responsibilities because they wanted out of a marriage.

None the less, after crying and pushing through for 2 years, I eventually grew thick skin and learnt how to deal with irate clients and sometimes broken, emotional and financially strained people. Now I debt collect but in the medical field and if anyone knows the South African medical aid system, you will know its awful. But here I am collecting well deserved money for a doctor who has worked very hard at becoming what he is today – a brilliant doctor.

I will be honest and say its very hard sometimes. Like yesterday for instance – I was just so shattered and emotional in what would normally be a situation I could cope with, my tolerant level has somehow decreased since being pregnant and I find it quite draining. Tomorrow is another day, of course.

I think that is why I blog, because it is the creative and inspirational outlet I crave so much after having to deal with sick people and their money issues. And those are real issues with real people and I see how many sick and vulnerable people there are out there. I know I’m in this job for a reason (I am actually a qualified personal fitness trainer!) and so I stick it out and take each day. I’m lucky to have such a wonderful boss. Yesterday was a bad day, but tomorrow the sun shines again and people still smile at you and me … I hope.

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