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So of course I’m  going to show you all the nursery inspiration I find! That is the fun of it! How are you all this Friday? It has been a very quick and busy week. After clearing out the spare room to make space for baby, we now have all the DIY projects and a 2nd dinning room table stored in there. So much for nesting! But the cupboards are empty and cleared out so that’s the main nitty-gritty stuff that was clouding our heads.

The 4 seater mahogany dining room table is for sale. I will post about it next week. We are also upholstering an old stool we bought a while back. Man – these DIY projects pile up. I recommend any of you who have a load of  ‘things’ to do or to get finished, to spend a weekend finishing it! Perhaps that can be our challenge for the end of July? To get those projects finished to the best of our ability and budget? Send me your projects of before and after, I would Love to share it.

For now, I leave you with some kiddy room delights. They motivate me to get things done just like this post did.

{Boys room below from Empty Fashion is SO gorgeous and simple.}

{Bringing in mostly white is my favourite to any nursery and I like the matching chair and cot. Photo from Decor Pad}

{Isn’t this girls room just fabulous. Seen via Babble it is sooooo beautiful. Even a narrow room can be seen as un-cluttered and practical}

{This is my favourite room. Both my husband and I just love this room below seen via Apartment Therapy. It is SO simple and so sweet. Nothing bashful and nothing too baby, just lovely}

{Wallpaper found via Etsy – so cute!}

{Lastly, This black chalk board wall is fab to say the least. I appreciate the modern decor and in love with the butterfly mobile! Seen via here}


3 thoughts on “WHERE OUR BABES SLEEP …”

  1. Oh you are so super organized, I’m jealous. We’ve got 5.5 weeks to go and with only one of the walls painted, and one of the two blinds ‘made over’ we are no where near a complete nursery – I blame all the DIY projects that add up and take longer than I anticipate. Love your inspiration boards – your favourite is right up there with ours as well – it’s on my pinterst board for the nursery 🙂 Now I just need to get the walls painted so that I can get started with the actual decorating before baby arrives 🙂 Enjoy your DIY this weekend, exactly what we’re doing as well 🙂


    1. 5.5 weeks to go!! Wow time has flown by 🙂 Will be thinking of you this weekend and I am so glad you have been inspired. Isn’t that room gorgeous!?? Happy nesting Jude, loads of love


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