Decor, Kids


Once again, here are some mod baba inspiration for rooms and decor. I really like the white cot and the 3 simple prints above the bed. I see the mobile used is black and white. They said black and white markings is what baby focusses on instead of colour in the 1st few weeks.

Photo via Chic &Cheap Nursery.

I was SO surprised when I found this picture as I have the cut of it in my note-book from years back. I had wanted my baby nursery to look like this about 4 years ago! Photo via here.

I love the wall paper in this room and the subtle colour choices.The rug is pretty awesome too.

Photo via here.

With the photo above, I love the zigzags that are not too harsh on the eyes and love the uses of blues and reds. Seen from Nest Design Studio via here.

Here is some bold colours on a white canvas, just beautiful. Seen from Mokkasin via here.

Lastly this little boys room is so nice and simple. {Very neat too!} Love the rug, world map and 2-tone cot. Shelves are also very practical and neat. I like it! Seen via Coochicoos.


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