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We have a guest post today. Thank you to Lisa fromHome Interior Tips Blog for sharing with us on furnishing a dining room.

How to Furnish a Dining Room

The archetypal dining room should contain classic dining room furniture set. This includes a large table and several matching chairs. The table will probably come with leaves that can be inserted in the middle to make it longer. To this end, someone who is thinking about purchasing a dining room set should consider purchasing a few extra chairs for large family or friendly dinners. If possible, the dining room set should be made out of solid high-quality wood. Fancy pieces of furniture often become heirloom items. The way the dining room looks establishes guests’ expectations for the rest of the home and its inhabitants’ lifestyles. A classy and tasteful dining room is immediately impressive. This is the room to focus on first when furnishing a new home or making small upgrades.

One does not have to host a lot of dinner parties to see the value in having a fully furnished dining room. It is always good to have a place for a large group of friends to sit and talk. Dark wood looks old-fashioned and ornate. People who plan on decorating their homes in rich warm colours should consider purchasing dining room sets with dark cherry red finishes. Fans of floral motifs will find that this kind of wood goes well with rose-printed curtains or tablecloths. If finding exact matches seems too obvious, complementary pieces in yellows and dark greens are equally attractive alternative. A dark dining room set demands a classic setting. The table should be the centre piece of the room. The chairs should be neatly placed around the table and any spares tucked into corners; the leaves should not be stored where anyone can see them. The table does not always have to be set in anticipation of a fancy dinner, but a decorative runner or tablecloth should be in place at all times. This will keep the wood from getting scratched, and the fabric element will make it easier to integrate the dining room set into the rest of the home’s design scheme.

Those who opt for a lighter wood like oak can be a little more flexible with their furnishings. Oak is usually stained yellow or orange, which lends it to a youthful environment. An oak table will have a visible grain, so it should never be covered entirely. The natural, rustic appearance of the wood makes the table a decorative item in itself. People who are fond of potted plants or masculine colours may find that oak dining sets suit their tastes.

If someone cannot afford a new full set, she should consider buying a new high-quality table from a high-end retailer website of furniture like shop 4 furniture and a matching set of inexpensive chairs somewhere else. It is important for the table to be well-made because inexpensive tables quickly show signs of wear after regular use. They are not perfectly level when they are purchased, and they gradually become even more uneven. The mechanism by which the table expands to make room for the leaves may start sticking and become difficult to use properly. A formal environment can still be created with a table and a chair set that do not match each other as long as one is careful about choosing pieces in complementary colours. Wooden chairs in different colours can be painted one matching colour. Instead of trying to artificially match the colour of the table, it would be better to paint the chairs so they match one of the dominant colours in the curtains, carpeting or wallpaper.

Someone with artistic inclinations can take a more creative approach to her dining room, as long as she is willing to commit fully to having an unconventional home. She could take the previous painting suggestion one step further by painting an entire dining set. This is an easy way for young people who do not have much money to set up adult living spaces. A cheap table, either new or from a second hand shop, should be painted a solid dark colour if it is not made out of an attractive wood. Black, brown, navy blue and forest green are appropriate colours for a table. If the chairs are a matching set, they can be left as they are or painted. Those who are aiming for a minimalistic theme should paint the table and chairs the same colour. Someone with flashier tastes may choose to paint the chairs a colour that either complements or overtly clashes with the colour of the table.

If the chairs are not from the same set and are obviously different, they can be painted different colours. This is a common tactic among those who buy used furniture. The paint livens up the old furniture and gives it a fresh, clean surface. A dining set that is comprised of disparate pieces will never look formal, so its unconventional nature should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Someone who decides against having a conventional dining room should still furnish the space. Even if the room is not going to be called a dining room, it will probably still be the room in which people eat, drink and socialize. Coffee tables and drink carts should be placed at strategic locations around the room. Comfortable chairs and a well-stocked bookshelf will make the room look lived-in and classy. Drink coasters and glasses should be kept on the tables at all times. This space should be arranged with guests in mind.

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