{photo from Style at Home: Love the fresh yellow and pink calmed by the tranquil blue and green. The black and white print adds such a strong and centering feeling.}

There is something about seeing patterned cushions gathered together that create a beautiful and welcoming place to sit. There is a key to combining the cushions, there is a difference between clumping and combining. If you tired of your lounge or bedroom and need to add some life , especially after a winter or change of season, cushions and accessories can be the most cost-effective and simple approach.

Here are she examples of how to spruce up a space with combination patterns an colors.

{photo from Ada and Darcy: zigzag pattern teamed with floral or striking colors is a current hit}

{photo from Bloglovin}

{photo from BHG: bright and textured fabrics create a Moroccan vibe}

{photo from Style at Home: always appreciate the neutrals}

{photo from Essential Baby}

{photo from Madeline Weinrib: Totally sold for black and white with kiss of color and bold patterns}

{photo from Peach Macarons: this subtle love affair of patterns due to the use of the same pale pink works magic in this bedroom}

All these ideas, make me want to go sew some cushion covers!!



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