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UPHOLSTERING a foot stool

Good morning readers! This morning I would like to share with you our upholstering project. A while back you might remember J and I went to the antique store in Morningside and bought a foot stool at 50% discount, due to their closing down sale. That post can be read HERE.

Well my friend Danica from Beautiful Day helped me and this is the process.

1- First make sure you have a good staple gun! Danica’s favourite toy! Then staple the upholstery webbing along the stool frame. Ensuring they are tightly attached in a woven pattern.



2- Measure and cut the hessian which will be the bottom of the stool finnish as well as the extra support above the webbing. Ensure this is pulled tightly and evenly.

3- Once hessian is stapled on to the frame. Hammer in some upholstery nails-should you feel you need extra support.

Then as seen below, measure up the fabric over the foam, which is now lying on the frame. This is to make sure your pattern of the fabric is in a neat and organise position. Once that is ready, flip the frame so you have bottoms up.


4- Neatly staple the fabric to 3 sides. It must be tight enough but evenly so there is no funny pulling effect. Leave one side open where you will be stuffing the light cushion filler with. Rid that open side of any extra fabric so your last side is easy and neat to staple.

5- You will see below, the foam mattress layer with cushion filler. Dont over-stuff. You want it to be even and soft, not bulky.

6- When doing the corners, make sure you rid excess material so your fold is neat and not ‘fat’ as this may hinder the positioning of the cover once placed in your stool. Depending on how thick your material is (mine was very thick)

7- And here you have it! All ready to be sold. 1x Antique stinckwood foot stool, newly upholstered!

Thank you Dan for all you help. I could never have done it without you. x


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