Oh my! It thrills me no end when creatives get acknowledged and soar through the sky of potential and dreams. Daniella Germain (who was previously interviewed by CS) has now launched her stoneware range produced by Ashdene. If you remember that interview, we shared on Daniella’s cookbook. Well I am so happy to share more news for Daniella. Recently, she launched her stationary range AND now she has let us all know that she has launched her stoneware range! Both very much carrying that style and flavour as My Abuela’s Table cookbook. What an achievement!

“Each piece was lovingly designed and meticulously hand painted with water colour and ink…very much in a similar style as Floribunda and My Abuela’s Table” –Daniella Germain

Floribunda by the way is Daniella’s stationary range and is beautiful to say the least. You can order it here.

{Below: La Cocina range}

{Below: Floribunda stationary range}

All photos from Daniella’s blog- i bought a pair of Camper boots and now i am broke


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