Hello all. I’m all for un unique and different items in your home. They don’t have to be stylish or bought from a designer store. They just need to be YOU. And for a child’s room I feel the same. Lets face it, your baby wont be seeing the pretty things for a while but you will, so put whatever you feel is refreshing and exhilarating because its you that will be  having to stare at it!

I found some awesome examples of lovely and un-decorated stuff that put together look stunning and no too overstated. I’m really choosing the de-cluttered, simple way of living these days (and yes, we are to remove many more things from our home in the next few weeks) But its the personal touch that makes me smile in any room or space. Go with your own love of things, because then you have peace about spending on it and using it.

I love these animal prints. Soft in colour and lovely for any kids room.

Of course an Eames rocker is always a winner and looks good with any cushion or decor. Ray and Charled Eames have some stunning products you can check out here.

Photo source: The Modern Baby,CoochicoosThe shopping Mama and Buy Modern baby


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