Happy Tuesday everyone. Hope you had a great long weekend in SA? It has taken me a long time to get my bedroom into an environment that suits me both day and night as well as complement my husband’s style or preference. A place we can rest and find comfort in after a busy day. These days we have our books and papers in there as we have hauled it out the spare room and made room for our new arrival. You can imagine I am eager to get that room sorted and organised, so I can escape the world and find total rest. If you are anything like me you will understand my next sentence. I cannot relax if my house is not clean and organised. It is as if my head space gets cluttered if the place I am residing in is also cluttered. I’m sure most of you can identify with that?

So after reading about bedroom styling and after filtering through my own revelations, I have come to these few points that are going to help me create a room I will enjoy relaxing in.

1- There are no rules ! It is YOUR space. There are only tips and suggestions but it is up to you on what makes you happy.

2- Ensure you have dim lighting as well as good bright lighting for when you get dressed.

3- De clutter your bedside table ensuring an area you can lay you head beside and not feel you need to sort out books or paper work.

4- Have a good support of pillows or a good headboard.

5- Find lighting beside your bed that is not too bright and is not an energy saver bulb, as reading under that light is not good for your eyes. Use a normal 40W/60w round bulb, warm light shade to ease your eyes.

6- Decor/ accessorize with things you love and that comfort you. Don’t over decorated. Be surrounded by the things that bring you peace and happiness instead of dead, dull decor accessories that mean nothing to you.

7- Natural light is always welcome. Create a way that allows the sun to charm your bedroom.

Below are various ideas of bedroom spaces to suit all styles. You can do so much with your bedroom, have fun with it. Photos via Skona Hem.


One thought on “THE ROOM YOU REST IN

  1. I can totally identify with your comment, “I cannot relax if my house is not clean and organised.” We are soooo similar in a lot of ways Deb!!
    I LOVE the black headboard in your first picture! Trying to figure out how I can make one!! HAHA


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