Decor, Notes from me


Wow, it’s been a while! Hello everyone. It’s great to say hello. My life has been one crazy, busy rollercoaster but it’s all worth it in the end. It’s funny you know, this pregnancy has done some wonderful things to me. I can’t quite explain it other than I have become freer in who I am and I am not even hindered in creativity anymore! I had felt a block, as if my hands and mind can’t quite agree so I would give up and look at inspiration somewhere else. Yet,  these last few weeks have accompanied me with peace and freedom in expressing what I would like. I mean, I’m making thank you cards for all who blessed me at my baby shower and I’m doing it with ease and no hassle, even though I’m ready to pop but there seems to be a calm and collected approach I’m holding onto. I had an idea and I implemented it! HAHA. Whether I finish them all in time or after baby is born, I’ll get there and that’s ok.

I have not had much time with getting creative information for you, except 2 interviews I’m hoping to get posted before its D-Day. So I whisked over to Skona Hem and found this lovely country home, filled with warm colours and unique twists. Enjoy xx


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