Notes from me


ImageSo I follow THE DAILY POST by WordPress. Started today actually and they have a daily prompt. So I did what they said and I googled a random word … I chose SUGAR. Then I chose the 11th picture on google images as they requested we do and have written about that picture. Its a fun challenge! Here is my sugar pic found via here. And this is what I have to say about it …

We (ladies) are made from sugar and spice and all things nice. Honestly I think that’s a load of doggies poop. You get some really un-sugared women in this world. For example, I came across one last weekend at Zaks Windermere. Adding a ‘tjie’ to the end of a word in our Afrikaans language makes the subject small. This women did just that to the name of our rugby team. One thing you don’t do is make a rugby team small! You do not call the Sharks, Sharkies. They are tough and big and mean and to call them repeatedly as Sharkies had totally made me want to whack her one. I am saying this with a bit of pregnancy hormone of course. Not to mention her holding up the loo for over half an hour, when a pregnant women needs to use the ladies, its an urgent matter and NOT to be taken half heartily. Eventually she walks out passed a queue of pinching ladies with a big grin on her plastered face and her husband in tow … Need I say more. Actually I can… she looks like she is nearing 60 years of age and so drunk, she could not hold her eyes straight. Now we have to use the lavatory after their shenanigans. Now that is not sugar. I have other words for her but I think it would not be suitable to mention on this blog. As for spice? Yes, we are certainly made of spice! I love spice. It can be termed as character.

Another pointer of sugar this photograph reminds me of is my youthful habit of adding sugar to all my meals. Perhaps mom use that so I would finish my food? I put it on roasts, toast, spaghetti, chops or stews and I enjoy a little sugar on my mince. In fact it’s the secret to any mince recipe …


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