Creative shoot and PREGNANCY

Welcome to a new week everyone. Today I wanted to share with you a little about this amazing pregnancy journey and show you some creative photographs my husband took last weekend. This pregnancy has been tough and good at the same time. Its been a blessed 9 months and I have enjoyed every moment, even with aches and pains, swollen feet, hands and face. It’s absolutely amazing how a body forms another one inside them. It blows my mind. I truly hope and pray you experience the blessing and joy of pregnancy one day. I know many who are trying to fall pregnant and will do soon enough.

The advice I can share is to take each day as you can. Do what makes you comfortable and be at peace each day. Know that you are not super women, you just trying to carry a growing baby, so give yourself a break. You don’t have to make everything perfect – just be an easy mom. Take things in your stride. If you cannot find something to wear, if everything is tight and makes you feel uncomfortable, walk around the house in your bikini, undies or naked, its ok to be free. Cry when you want to cry and laugh when you want to laugh. Mistakes happen. If you cannot be somewhere at the last minute because your body just can’t then cancel because friends/family should understand. Laugh at yourself!-that really worked for me. The days go fast and you get so much information out there, so trust your instincts. Find a good doctor. Then …  do it all over again!

Photography by J Da Canha.


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