A bit of personal news

Hola everyone. Its been a long time since my fingers did the typing on this WordPress blog. I feel as if I’m writing to a long-lost friend who I have not seen an ages yet have thought about everyday. Being a mom for the 1st time is an experience. I’m not overly busy or super stressed. It’s just a busy day-to-day routine with work included and by 8pm I am utterly exhausted and have had NO time for myself what so ever. Not that I’m complaining as being a mom is honestly one of the best things I have become. It has just meant that Creative Stream as well as reading my favourite blogs have taken a much saddened side-step for now.

How has the media world been everyone? Who’s who and whats the new trends? Its been ages since I read a blog never mind a decor magazine!!! They piling up in my inbox and my eye sweeps passed them on the shelves at stores as I carry my 5 month old and a lot of groceries while trying to remember what I might have forgotten so I don’t have to do the trip again anytime soon! It’s a change but a good one I will add.

I have not left this blog and will try my best to post as often as I can. I just needed to say hello again and let you know I have not disappeared for good. I miss it far too much. xxx


IMG-20130406-02421 (2)


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