Anyone heard of Luvocracy? I stumbled upon it when paging through RUE.  Their motto is “Find people you trust & Shop what they luv.”

You see the way it works is that people of Luvocracy; which are people like you and me as well as well-known designers, bloggers and magazines; shop for things and then share it on Luvocracy. You can then shop for the things others have bought and recommend. You also get the chance to follow and luv the products, not necessarily buy the products but the point is you find products worldwide which are loved or recommended by trusted fellow on-line friends.

Another great point to mention about Luvocracy is that they help you buy the products at a good price and if the product is no longer available they try their best to find it from another store or ask producer to make more stock. Either way they are with you every step of the way until delivery and if you are not happy with your purchase there is a 30 day guarantee on returns!

Ok, so it’s all in dollars, so not sure if my pocket can afford it but hey, I’m meeting new people and I’m seeing what’s out there and up to date with fab products all the time.

Its kind of like Pinterest  in the way that you TRUST a person(or in Pinterest case you follow the person) and then have access to seeing their products of choice (as you would see peoples boards on Pinterest) Except here on Luvocracy you have the opportunity to BUY what you see!

Another great draw card to Luvocracy is that you get a percentage of the sale every time someone buys what you love! FABULOUS I tell you. What a great online community of sharing and loving so that we can get the best products at great rates and know that it is highly recommended or loved.

You can see my profile here and TRUST me here.






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