What to do with Washi tape

Oh my goodness there are many ways you can use washi tape. I’m super inspired! Washi is a kind of japanese paper. Washi is commonly made using fibers from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub, or the paper mulberry, but also can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat. (See more on Wiki.)

I also found a local online shop where tape is cheaper than in stores! Check out Washi Tape here.

To get yourself in the mood of creativity, here are some ideas.


As seen above via Nolo magazine you can see wall art and tin labeling.


More wall art with washi tape seen via ever after blueprint.


Bunting flags made with washi looks lovely, seen via babble.


Above, wrap up sleeves with colourful washi to make any card or gift super special, seen via weddings by lilly.


Love the straws ideas seen via a tip junkie.


Another cool idea is decorating pegs for notices on any surface, seen via a typical type a.


More flags made but this time for cupcakes, seen via thirty one ten.


Tags are uniquely designed, seen via terra savvy.


I love this idea as you don’t stain your walls with ink, but creatively make growth chart for your kids, seen via modes blog.


Fab and funky way to decorate your bike, seen via meet me at mikes.


Simple yet effective card creations seen via paper blog.

enpaperblogcom 2

These chinese candles are sweetly decorated with washi to create such a lovely effect to any occasion, seen via paper blog.


Simple cards made, I love it. Seen via craftistas.


Decorating chopsticks for an occasion or just for fun is a great idea to spruce up those plain wooden sticks, see via jentertaining.


4 thoughts on “What to do with Washi tape

  1. Ooh I love all the ideas!! You can be so creative with this stuff!! Thanks for the post Debs 🙂 btw I love your new blog site xxx


    1. Thanks Dan. Ive been battling to find the right site for this whole year now!!! So some good feedback is awesome-thank you and glad you like the ideas! inspiring hey


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