Ikea products can be bought in SA

Hello readers! This post comes with great joy! Since leaving London, I always had the idea of buying an IKEA franchise and starting one in SA. It never happened or was never followed through. Now a few years later I know that IKEA won’t start one in SA and as most of you know, it’s such a shame. IKEA has the best products that are affordable and practical and most of all easy to install and have in the home. It also has a very wide variety of products from kitchens to mirrors, plants to lampshades and textiles and shopping in that huge store in the UK, was always such a pleasure! You could kit out your whole house within a day if you wanted to. What was also great is that it had the DIY element attached, so your TV unit came in a box and most Londoners spent the rest of their afternoon putting their purchase together for an amazing and easy result. IKEA even have a small space selection for some truly amazing designs for your small abode.

We don’t have anything like that here in SA. Having an IKEA store would be just wonderful.

Alas, it’s not possible to shop in the big beautiful store BUT thanks to I Want That Blog, I read that a clever team of capetonions have made it possible for us saffies to get our paws on some of the IKEA’S products. It may take a few weeks to get to us, but if we REALLY wanted something from IKEA; Nevada Furniture can get it for us!! Hello … is anyone else just OVER THE MOON!!?? I have already started showing hubby the products of choice!

Please read Vicki’s post HERE for more info. Everyone together now… Hooray!!!



fintorp-series__20141_fintorp_PE366251 lappljung-collection__20141_lappljunga_PE368927

v-rde-series__20141_varde_PE372467 torna-series__20141_torna_PE367102

ikealogo logo

MANDAL_Chest_of__50d2f74b6358f MOPPE_Mini_Drawe_517262b316a0d

VATE_Table_Lamp_512576b0c7bfd LAPPLJUNG_Ruta_R_517276d5c84ed

MICKE_Desk_with__50d1c914190e4 MINNEN_Extendabl_50fbb2b685065

Helmer_drawer_wi_50d1c5614a782 SNIGLAR_Cot_51fb2f1d5ce34


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