The marriage of wood & white

A while back my husband and I bought a beautiful dining table and chairs from our best friends Anthony & Kate Debbo, the former owners of The Good Wood Co.  We love the design and the mahogany wood. We also love the creator of it and that is why it means alot more to us than just a dining table and chairs.  The Good Wood Co. has now been taken over by Grant Wentzel as the Debbo’s have immigrated to australia to further their adventures. Do yourself a favor and go and check out Good Woods website, they have some stunning designs and if they carry on the Debbo magnetism of workmanship and service, you will not be disappointed.

Talking of mahogany, I have seen a lot of wood mixed with white and I must say it does attract my attention. For a change of scene, I am thinking of mixing the table we bought with white chairs and the chairs with a white table all I need is more space in my home! Here are some great ideas.











Photos from Lonny, Uni- Wall, Swift Orchids, Home Interior Design, Happy Chateau, Oh So Lovely Vintage, AU Lifestyle yahoo.


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