Hello lovely followers. How are you? Its been a while and its great to be back!

My little new born is not so little anymore and weighing at 5.6 kgs and 2 months old he is such a delight! It is crazy how time goes by so quickly.

I’ve checked out some cool ideas for kitchens and bathrooms as our flat in Morningside is needing some love, to be rented out ASAP. We have a 2 bedroom top floor flat with 180′ sea view, totally beautiful! But we wanting to update the bathroom and kitchen and knock down the dividing wall between kitchen and lounge/dining area. Lots of ideas are racing through my head to make a good choice but not overcapitalize.

It’s hard as we don’t live there. So because I wish to do things up and make it my space, I’m leaning towards the decor and ideas I like most … not the wise ideas for a rental property. The one thing I will say is that we can never rule out living there, you never know when we might need to for a while, so some choices we make are going to have to be emotional…but realistic too.

None the less, even if we don’t use all these ideas, the process has been inspirational!

The living, dining, kitchen would all be my dream home ideas (my emotional side)

The bathroom is for the rental flat (my rational side) HAHA

image-1 image-2 image-5




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