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Bloggers Secret Santa


Hi All

This years Bloggers Secret Santa should be loads of fun! You get to swop your beautifully wrapped gift with your partner in person! With possible charities to donate to and perhaps a craft to do on the day, good coffee and some good times, it should not be missed.

To take part in the Bloggers Secret Santa :
1. Email with your details (full name, blog/site link, cellphone number)
*RSVP to the event at the same time. Please see note below on participating.
2. Wait for me to pair you with another blogger.
*Please note that you will not be paired with the same person that you will be sending to. This helps to keep it anonymous.
3. Research your ‘partner’ and buy/make them a gift according to what they might like.
4. Bring the gift that will be beautifully wrapped on the event day to swap with your partner.
*If you are making a gift as opposed to buying one, please make sure it is of good value to your partner to keep it fair.

To help with the event :
We would love help in any of the following ways. Please email if you can assist in any way. 
1. Sponsor an item for the ‘goodie bags’.
2. Sponsor flowers, food or decor.
3. Assist with set up/set down.
4. Plan and manage the Christmas craft on the day.
5. Taking photos on the day.
6. Sponsor a prize for the lucky draw.

So far Kelly has set the date for the event and have the venue (these are not likely to change). Cost of the event and more information will be sent out as soon as we have the final numbers and details. If you agree to take part in the Blogger Secret Santa she will automatically assume that you are agreeing to the date below and will be attending the event. If you cannot attend the event but would still like to participate please specify in the email to Kelly.

Date : Saturday, 6th December
Venue : hello. cafe, 1 Wincanton Way, Somerset Park, Umhlanga
Time : 09h30 – 12h00
Cost : TBC (will include cappuccinos, snacks and a goodie bag)
More info to follow.
*Due to the nature of this years’ Bloggers Secret Santa, we are limiting participants to Durban based bloggers. If you are from any area outside of KZN, South Africa but would like to take part, please contact Kelly.

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