Growing with your children – Avo & Salt

Have you ever eaten and avocado pear without salt? I just did and it’s rather horrible. The salt brings in an essence that allows the avo flavour to enhance and to taste somewhat delicious. Why the avo and salt you ask? Well, I had the revelation that growing with your children is the salt needed in parenthood.

As you grow with your children by making the right choices,  I realise that you are naturally adding salt to your avo without even thinking about it.

For example : I have always heard and seen many examples whereby the parent reacts to their children in a mirror-like behaviour the child is expressing and that is where you bite some avo but have no salt.
Talking to myself I sheepishly look back to my examples of eating avo without salt and I remember that my child had received no flavour, no salt, and no essence from my childish reaction. In fact it’s quite in vain and only aggravated me by behaving this way.
In the moment of discipline and trying to be a good parent, between trying to hold your household together and still look reasonably presentable in the mornings, you somehow, in-between all that STUFF have to take hold of your maturity (because you are the adult!) and react to your kids tyrannosaurus rex scream/ smacking/ kicking/ crying in a manner that will bring life and bring fruit. That will bring SALT!
“Heck – how do I do that?”, “I have reached my limit!”, “I’m just too tired”
One word. Grace. God’s grace and with that grace He will give you wisdom. Just ask Him. He will give it to you in a second, in the moment of sheer panic and anger. In a second the spilt juice on the floor or vomit linen, or fighting siblings, or running out of milk when its bedtime; moments somehow fall into line, because YOU are in line with the Grace of God.
Believe it or not. It works and it’s so relieving. It takes the load off and somehow, you manage to give salt because you have received it.
So take another day, and know that tomorrow will be better because you asked and because He gave.



Image source: patis


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