About Home Life

It’s a Saturday & we are outside. My 3 yr old son, as he throws bricks is screaming with what might be delight or is it pure frustration, I can’t figure it out yet. My daughter is a mommy horsey with big teeth and a long tail all-the-way-to-London with a big horn and fire out her mouth + of course has long,long wings & runs on all fours { yes, really gallops on ALL FOURS like a pro!} super fast while roaring like a lion . But DONT laugh for a second at her or she will seriously become real! Smash – I’ve just been smacked by a piece of wood- thanks son! Hubby is trying to get the over active barking dog inside because he’s on a high from us being on his side of life. The volume on our property had just increased + im turning a shade redder or is it paler. Oh gosh I’m hot! Smash another wooden stick in my butt – ‘Tate!’ My coffee is cold, Jonos tea has spilt. I hear a cry, turn around the dogs knocked Hannah to her feet, ‘where’s Dad?!’  I look to see he’s picking up dog pooh with a nappy packet. Oh great! …  Now Tates squealing, Hannahs crying , Rio’s barking, my cats hiding ( lucky cat!) I’m crying and I think Jonos laughing. 

I look to the heavens. Reflect these last 5 minutes … 

It’s Beautiful chaos.

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