1. I am a creative 
  2. I love Jesus
  3. I am a seer
  4. I am a mom of 2 children, lost 1 before we had these two lovely kiddo’s.
  5. I’m married to my dream guy. He is nothing I dreamt of- he is better. Gods good like that.
  6. My son has SPD + on the autism spectrum. God is bigger.
  7. I have Hashimotos + Graves antibodies, 3 chronic eye conditions and speaking to the mountain of auto immune disease daily. God is bigger. 
  8.  My daughter has been making her own clothing label at the age of 1 + is by far the most strong willed defiant little person I know which means she’s a leader right?! Oh and she has ballet legs like her Aunty ballerina Taryn which is taking her to London and back apparently – according to her.
  9. I live in Durban, I dream of redoing property renovations and flipping houses , doing testimony films and writing books. I adore interiors , love people + their hearts and I understand that REAL life is hard. 
  10. I’ve always wanted to do psychology + If I could counsel the world I would but I can only love which is hard enough, How did Jesus do it?!
  11. I’m not into surface stuff. It makes me itch. 
  12. I lived in London for 8 years a nannied there to some pretty damn awesome children who I still treasure so much + who taught me to grow up-  funny that.
  13. I use to be a personal fitness trainer.
  14. Now I’m a personal debt collector.
  15. Eish!
  16. I have a creative blog which I’ve had since day dot but as I’ve started a family I thought I’d share more personal stuff here. But check it out if you want – Creative Stream.
  17. I love art, creativity, food and people. One day I’ll bring them all together. 
  18. Ill leave this open as ones life is never a full stop in’it….
  19. Oh … And I love flowers