Kids Rooms

Hello everyone. Its been a long, long time hasn’t it? I’m hoping to be with you guys a lot more now and to show you there very things that make my heart tick and that make my life easier in life- now that I have 2 kids and a busy household.

One of the places I stream my inspiration from is HomeToLove from in Oz and NZ. Their simple way of interior styling and choices are always a delight. I’ve always been a fan of Ozzie style, if you’ve known my blog post in the past you cant deny my loyalty to them.

So today is no different. I wanted to show you a few great ideas for kids rooms. All pics from a gorgous homes featured on HomeToLoveOZ.

They are all very different from each other . Who says you need to keep the same vibe in every room? And who says it has to be full of fluff?

All pictures below inspired me because they are practical but took time to bring in the child’s character and that’s what it’s all about. I know that rooms dont always look this perfect (Why not?! ha ha) But you can get the vibe and you can receive the charm of the home owners heart ♥♥♥



Entrance Inspiration 

There is no doubt that my daily inspiration comes from hand selected sources. One of my favorite places to gaze my eye over is Homes To Love.

There is an instant atmosphere that comes when you step into someones home, taken from the entry space. Not everyone can have a perfect entry, I get that! But you can add your touch of charm, be it a coat rack, shelves or organised boxes for shoes and bags… Make your stamp. Create your entry atmosphere for your visitors to walk into.

Here is inspiration to get you going ♥♥


Small kitchens

Recently we did a granny flat renovation and so this computer and phone of mine did many, many hours of research on small kitchens. I HAVE INSPIRATION FOR DAYS! So I had to share it with you all.

The key points I can give you on renovating with a strict budget and with a rental in mind is the following.

  • It’s not personal, its income. So don’t get fussed about too much gorgeousness unless you plan to live there at some stage too.
  • Do your research on fittings and kitchen appliances. You can get really great discounts on these if you shop ahead of time or plan ahead.
  • Get a back up quote. This is not only for price, as the obvious reason; But should your initial tradesman not be able to do your work for whatever reason last-minute; you have someone’s quote you are happy with and can slot in schedule. Because building time; is building time and you don’t want to delay it in any way especially if you need to get it rented out.
  • The roof guy only does the roof! The plumber only does plumbing! etc. For example- Dont expect roofing guys to add the gutter unless you specify it and pay extra. The same goes for the builder because he thinks roof guys does it, you think either one of them surely included that right?! And there you have no gutter or budget for it.
  • Be extremely pedantic and particular about all your building quotes. No matter how amazing or not your tradesmen are. Add all the details in there. So you know exactly what you paying for and asked for. They may not be good at admin side, they good at their job, at doing the work that is their expertise so you have to be good at the admin side. Whether you like it or not.
  • Try and do whatever you can on your own. From buying + collecting materials to painting yourself. It cuts your costs down tremendously.
  • If you are renovating to rent decorate with a very neutral palette. There is no need to add too much colour. You not sure who is moving in, Dont waste money and emotions on that kind of thing.
  • Get a rental agent to get your tenant for you. It saves you a lot of hassle with checks and time wasters.

↓↓Here are some great small kitchens for you to drool over.


This is actually a boat house above !↑↑



↑↑Here are some great small kitchens for you to drool over.


Pic Source-Home to love OZ.

Corners Captured


Walking into a home can be a great moment, whether you live there or visiting. Better yet; when a photographer or you within your own  moment, captures a corner of a home. It is here that I believe inspiration comes and gets given to others to grasp and expand on. It’s here that we get motivated to do more with our own spaces and that’s why I love looking at these. They are timeless. Here are a few wonderful ideas and inspirations for you to drool over. Source Homes To Love OZ.






Interview – Nicolene van der Linde


Man … I love blogging. This is a place where I get to share awesome people! It’s been a long time since CS has interviewed someone. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time! But we are back and we starting with a beautiful soul. She is a women after my own heart. We talk the same language. We get excited about the same creative things and its so refreshing.

Nicolene has a background in law as well as lecturing law at Varsity College but her law career was placed on hold when her heart felt that practicing law was very different from studying it or lecturing it. Once Nicolene had children she found her herself with a much happier spirit being creative with her kids and in this her love for creativity that photography took shape.

” The photography bug bit very hard from there onwards. I think I have finally found my vocational passion! It is very creative but also very technical… actually a little bit of everything. I love it!”

Her home renovation journey has been an inspirational one. Never a dull moment in renovating is there?

Living in this solid old Durban North home with Nicolene is her husband Ewoudt and together they have two kids Luwaldt(4) and Limirie (2) &  four dogs. The house over looks the beautiful ocean but not close enough for salty spoils. However, it was in need of some modern love and personal spice. Nicolene really needed to find someone who would take their family into consideration while renovating as she was heavily pregnant at the time and wanted to use what they had existing to create their perfect space but that did not happen the first time round. Their first building experience (The Granny Flat behind the house) was rather a huge learning curve …

” With the granny flat we managed the process ourselves. We contracted builders, tilers, painters, electricians, plumbers and so forth. We bought and scheduled delivery of all the supplies ourselves. It was a grueling process. The first builder we had went awol with a portion of our money, and the admin around what should happen when was pretty intense. As was choosing all the finishes (we planned a certain look, but halfway through realised the floor we wanted wasn’t available anymore and had to change course half way). But luckily all turned out ok (and nobody got divorced or murdered in the process).”

exposed-brick granny-flat-bathroom

grann gr

Most of the material used for building and decor was restored and Nicolene tried to use whatever they had to make magic happen. Not solely for cost savings but because that is what being creative was all about!

” We kept the basics natural and organic- screed, wood, raw brick. Décor wise we always joke if its rusty or peeling we will take it, so the organic look was pretty much the natural choice for us.”

gra gran-bath

drawers gran

FRONT OF GRANNY FLAT: This is where they cooked outside most evenings while the main house was being renovated. Rain or shine.


The main house reno was done while they loved in the granny flat. This picture is of the view of the main house, ocean in the distance.
Walls were knocked down to open up the living area
Practical flooring & beautiful kitchen design make the perfect heart of the home zone for the family.
Ladder on display but used when needed!

entrance frame

CS- What tips have you got to share with someone who is starting a renovation? Plan, plan, plan (the look you want, budget, timeline… the list is endless). Finding builders you can trust is a big step in the right direction. Think outside of the box– we recycled our old garage doors into a linen kist and used walking sticks as towel rails. Don’t feel discouraged when the going gets tough keep your eye on the ball, it is so worth it in the end! Live in the space for at least a year if possible before renovating you get a comprehensive idea of your needs.

CS- Can you say what the best part of the reno was? Moving in! The space was ‘us’ and felt like home!

CS- Can you share your worst experience? As I mentioned the first builder disappeared with some of our money (hard lesson to learn). And we had a bad burglary in the middle of the process which meant we had to up security by installing an electric fence which of course took a big bite out of our budget.

CS- Looking back on it all, why did you choose the design and decor you did or was it just an organic way? I am an avid décor magazine reader and got lots of ideas there. We had a pretty good sense of what we liked as we had to save for a long time, so plenty of dreaming had happened! However, it was difficult putting everything together and letting some ideas go that just didn’t work.


CS- Having kids is a big factor in deciding on your layout and decor choice. Can you tell us what decisions were made for this? We wanted an open space where kids could play and everyone is ‘involved’ whilst going about their daily tasks. Nothing is too fancy and where very few things are ‘don’t touch that’. Most things are easily cleaned (like the leather couches and grass carpets) and I squeeze in extra storage wherever I can (example, some old milk cans are now home to a variety of balls).


CS- You are definitely a creative & hold a natural flair for ‘thinking out the box’
with designs… Can you share which item you made with whatever you
had lying around?
My favourite is probably our headboard made from old burgler bars from before the renovations. Oh and our TV unit which Jomo (our gardener and handy man) and I made from scaffolds used in the building process.



shelves kids-room8

Shelves in kids rooms also made from scaffolding, pretty awesome hey!?

CS- What would you do over again if you had the chance?Mmmm I currently have a bee in my bonnet to white wash the wooden floors…

CS- Would you do it all over again, ie do you enjoy the process and why? Hahaha, that depends on when you ask the question! The process is very exciting, but there are times that you are 100 % sure it’s going to kill you and you can’t take a minute more (of course having the right team will minimise this feeling). However… in the end it is a couple of months worth of tough going and then months and months and months of loving your space every day… So yes, I would definitely do it again!

Favourite aritists: Marike Prinsloo-Rowe- One day when I am grown up I would love to own one of her pieces. Ingrid Hall & Rentia Smith.

The car bed was made by Nicolene

Knob Kirri’s used as hand rails in the bathroom.

{Through Nicolene’s Eyes}

Sundays are about church and family time… and relaxing as much as possible with two toddlers around! My favourite memory in this home isthere are too many to choose from! Life is not complete without chocolate Super M’s (my kids would argue its strawberry) If we were the last family on earth we would live simply and farm organically. Today is a gift and a blessing and glorious! I love my country because there are a million places and things to be discovered. The way to a kid’s heart is being emotionally present and being involved. If I had the time I would watch a movie or 10, learn some new tricks in photoshop and read, read, read. My favourite corner in my home is the study because so much of my creative energy is spent there. I am cooking spicy chicken for supper. Nothing is better than seeing my kids be carefree. Being creative is like shooting stars in heart.

detail2 detail3 inter1 front-door


Man, dont you just love this women and her free creative spirit! What I love about her & her home is that she used something old and made it something new.She used what she had and with thinking out the box she created beautiful things!