Delightful Kids Room Ideas

boys room

OK, So we have bought a house and I am so excited to put my ideas into action!

Thanks to The Design Files; of which I take most of my inspiration from; I have found these delightful kids room ideas.

OOH my this is very exciting!♥

girls room


girls room2


Linen Love

Happy Monday friends. How are you? How was your weekend? I had a lovely weekend. My husband and kids are slowly getting better but I guess anything beats the last weekend I had with 3 sick’ies to look after. This weekend was better and more relaxed.

Well I read through some blogs briefly this morning while logging on to work mode and I saw these AWESOME linen designs on my all time favourite blog The Design Files.

I had to share with you these cool ideas and am totally in love with the YELLOW – best kid ever – design. I want one!!


Go read Lucy’s post here. It’s deliciously lovely and makes me want to shape-up the kids room pronto. Dont you just love the ice cream duvet cover? Go check out Sack Me for more great creative designs.



DIY toys- Kids dig it

A friend of mine, a while back, gave me the idea of using Purity food lids as a toy. Boy oh boy has it worked like a charm.

Not only are they different colours, they also make noises if you push on the soft part of the lid. They also stack really well for those little hands to push over and they make a wonderfully loud noise when placed into an old Milo/coffee tin. Kids love it!!!

So I thought I would share it with you creative people/moms. Get cracking on collecting your lids and use the jars for paint, beading storage or arts and craft storage. You can even paint the jars various colors. I’ll post more on the jars later 😉






Shared room inspiration


Happy Monday all. Time goes so quickly, I actually can’t keep up. I thought today I would post on shared room ideas. It is an interest for me because guess what? We are expecting our 2nd child in December! Yes I know, we don’t really mess around do we haha. To be honest we are so blown away by the blessing of having another child, it still seems unreal.

We have found out that it’s a boy! So Hannah will be sharing a room with her brother. That got me thinking of how I can combine their spaces in a really cool and practical way. So enjoy the good finds and I’m sure I’ll be sharing some more inspiration along the way. lilsugarcom lynnspincom



Photos from: Hand Made Charlotte, Apartment Therapy, lilSugarLynn Spin, Rosie Posie,   Tip Junkie

Something to stare at…





Hello readers. Its been a while since I have posted regularly. I’m sorry about that. Having a little baby is quite a job. None the less my eyes have not been missing any creative information that I would like to include on this blog, so stay tuned for some inspiration coming your way. 1st up is mobiles! I LOVE the 1st one above and Jono and I were contemplating making it for little Hannah’s room but time is not on our side. I am however get inspired in finding these amazing examples, which hold some difference.


Littlelovables and sneakpeeq-com


I have always loved black board paint in a home. The idea has been around for many years now and never seems to put me off. One thing I will notice is that painted in the wrong place makes the reason for having it seem less weighty and a waste of time. If you know what I mean?  I have found some really great examples of using your black board paint in lovely spaces that compliment the home/room instead of making it a black space.

I am seriously thinking of  painting a section of my baby’s bedroom wall in black board paint. I am pretty caught up with the idea of it’s too much for a baby’s room and then realise she will grow quite quickly and it would be of benefit to her later. Instead of hauling out the furniture and painting it at a later stage…I wonder what your thoughts are on that?

For now, here is some great inspiring photos of using black board paint.

Photos are from Zoe and Andrew, Vosgesparis, HouzzBellyItch, Belle Viver and Blogs babble.