Delightful Kids Room Ideas

boys room

OK, So we have bought a house and I am so excited to put my ideas into action!

Thanks to The Design Files; of which I take most of my inspiration from; I have found these delightful kids room ideas.

OOH my this is very exciting!♥

girls room


girls room2



1-Wall mounted playhouse by Zoe de las Cases, 2- Cushion by Meg, 3-Mono Cat by Donna Wilson.

1- Max Ride, 2- Alphabet Jigsaw, 3- Blah blah mini banket by Donna Wilson.

SCP is a great place to find some great and unique designs. All from furniture to toys. I have selected some playroom items that I think are fantastic.

1- Play Shaped by Miller Goodman, 2- Child table by Alex McDonald, 3- Animal print sandals by Kukkai.

1-Stamp set by Zoe de las Cases, 2- Polar bear mobile by Anna&Bent Knudsen, 3-blanket by Lotta Glave.

I adore this 1-Rocking sheep by Povl Kjer and again one of 2-Animal Jigsaw’s products. So fun and colourful.


Good morning everyone. How was your Easter weekend? We had our anniversary over this weekend and it was lovely. Last week I was searching the web for some photography shots that made me smile and I came across some with kids. There is an innocence to children that make you smile and wonder how they will be like when they grow up. I often see a photographs of myself as a child and refer back to myself as an adult and would not piece them together. ha ha. So I thought I would share some of these photographs seen via We heart it and of some kid moments that are super cool.