White delight

Good morning. Now I know there is a lot of love out there for Black, Charcoal and Night Jewell#2. I am one of those who have indeed falling in love with that dark side. However, my heart honestly still skips a beat when I see warm & welcoming white decor & spaces.

It is quite hard to decide which I love best.

Here is some eye candy for you ♥



Source: Inside Out



This year is an exciting one for Creative stream. It will be our 2nd Birthday!

All you readers are so appreciated by me because it means that the artists, designers, creative’s and general content written gets exposed to the wonderful world out there. YOU. I’m excited to bring on a few things for CS this year which will improve our content and give you more information on a personal level. So its Creative Stream’s 2nd Birthday and thanks to the beautiful and inspiring Che’ Hooper, we are able to offer you a little gift. Let Che’ explain …

Hello everyone.

This is so exciting! It is with much joy that we share with you a new addition to Creative Stream – REVAMP IT!!

Many people have a room or an area that they feel are just frustratingly unorganised, or perhaps are at their wit’s end about what to do and how to do it. Sometimes an outsiders view on such a space is beneficial and this is where we’d like to help.

Send in a picture (or few) of a particular space that you would like help with, along with your colour preferences, your decor style, your likes and dislikes about the area and any other info that you feel will help me in helping you. I will also need measurements of the furniture and room space in order to give you a more accurate concept.

One lucky person will be selected each month where I will offer a few suggestions to layout, colour optimisation, styling and/or decor accessories. I will help as best I possibly can, but just remember the brief I receive from you, will decipher the design and style of your “problem area”, so be true and honest.

Every month is a new chapter, so you can submit your room monthly to stand a better chance of getting selected. In order to qualify you need to become a follower of both Portfolio and Creative Stream. All submissions to be sent to creativestreamrevampit@gmail.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Che’ xox

Wow right! This monthly feature will be thanks to the gorgeous and talented Che’ and I just know you are in the best of care with her and Portfolio.

So get that room information ready and sent!